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Wordless Wednesday: parade face

You know the face.

Pink cheeks. Excited, sparkly eyes. Half-smile. 

Silent reverent awe, as my AP English teacher used to say.

And the perfect way to spend the longest night of the year~ at our town’s annual parade {it’s kind of a big deal around here!}.


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Counting My Kisses: The girls may or may not have had more sugar at the parade than they’ve consumed in an entire-two week period, but hey…that’s what parades are for, right? It was a fun & celebratory night, and we were so happy to enjoy such a lovely evening with the girls! How do you get in the mood for summer?

Have a great day!

A tiny bit older & possibly even cuter

Baby H hit a big milestone over the weekend…

her first haircut! 

Grammy came over to do the honors, just like she did with Little O’s first trim.

The only challenge? Keeping our Dozer still enough so that Grammy could get the job done.

After much brainstorming, we decided to strap Baby H into her booster seat and keep her hands busy with a box of raisins & the zoo animals.

Worked like a charm! 

A few minutes later, Baby H was sporting an adorable new baby hairdo~ a bob!

Holy cuteness


{That’s actually what Baby H is saying here, it’s one of her new favorite words}. 

And just like that, our cute baby girl looks even cuter. And a tiny bit older. But mostly, just more adorable than ever

Love love love her!

Counting My Kisses: Lots to be thankful for with this sweet milestone~ no tears and a super cute baby hairdo as the end result. I’m so thankful Grammy has a steady hand {there is no way I could have done that!} and I’m thrilled she has been able to give both of our girls their first trims. Such a fun memory, and a great milestone for our sweet Baby H!

How to be an amazing father

Hi, friends!

How was your weekend?

I have so much to fill you in on~ but in the interest of not making this the longest post ever, I’m going to keep today focused on Father’s Day.

So…stay tuned later this week for Baby H’s big milestone, a new adventure for Little O, our fabulous weekend houseguest & so much more! Exciting times around here, I tell you.

But today’s topic is all about fathers. Last year I wrote a sweet little post about Father’s Day, citing a few reasons as to why my dad, my father-in-law and my husband are all such great dads.

What makes an amazing dad in your book?

To me, an amazing dad

lights up when he’s around his children & grandchild. 

Isn’t afraid to act like a child

Shows his family in so many different ways how important they are to him {fun fact: it’s actually Little O in this picture at 15 months!}. 

An amazing father…

radiates happiness & pride.

Makes an effort to be there for his children & grandchildren. 

Raises his children to have faith, work hard & value the gift of family

An amazing father…

makes a family complete

Knows the importance of tickle wars, swim sessions and being a steady, comforting hand.

And he embraces the joy of childhood and guides his children along their path of life. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes an amazing father~ share in the comments section!

Counting My Kisses: I hope all of the fathers out there had an enjoyable Father’s Day! I’m so incredibly thankful for my wonderful husband~ you are truly an incredible father and I love you so much. Watching you wear a tiara & have tea with our girls melts my heart. To my fantastic father~ you are such a source of strength & love for our entire family. We love you so much & we can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. And to my father-in-law~ thank you for all that you do for our family, we are so lucky to have you nearby!

Have a great day, everyone!

Jumping into summer

You know that feeling…

The one where you feel like you’re at just the right place in life?

That was me on Thursday. A day full of sunshine, the beach, our friends, Diet Cherry Coke and lots & lots of fun.

Yes, please!

And let’s all take a moment to marvel at the fact that we have six children holding hands & smiling.

Even better?

Six children holding hands, smiling & jumping. 


And so, my friends, I hope your weekend is full of jumping-in-the-sand-while-holding-hands-with-your-friends types of moments. I hope you have that fantastic feeling of complete happiness & I’m-exactly-where-I-need-to-be-right-now-ness.

And I hope that all of the dads out there have an amazing Father’s Day!

Counting My Kisses: Last summer at this time, I had a five month old, a two-year-old, and I couldn’t possibly imagine leaving the house ever, let alone a daunting beach trip. I’m super excited that the girls & I are out and about this summer, with lots of opportunities to have fun with our fantastic friends. Such a blessing! How are you jumping into summer??

Have a great weekend!

The great idea

You know how sometimes, you get a super great idea and before you can really, truly think it through, you jump on it?

That would be us on Wednesday night.

The Hubs & I decided to take the girls on a “forest walk” {as Little O calls it} after an early dinner. It was a crisp night, the girls had taken awesome naps & we were ready to get in a bit of exercise & fresh air.

Little O was rocking her shades, ready to get the party started. 

As for Baby H? She was a little introspective about the whole thing. 

Once we got started, though, it didn’t take long for Baby H to get into the swing of things. 

And it didn’t take long to reach a walk highlight: Little O attempting to give Baby H a boost to see the tree sign. 

Love! {Little O’s face is a tiny bit hilarious, no?!}

Anyway, the walk was going swimmingly. The girls were having fun, the Hubs & I were loving being outside, and I was doing my best to avoid looking for any creepy-crawly-type of characters lurking in the grass.

And then…

the wheels started to fall off.

It began when Baby H wouldn’t let us pick her up to carry her. She wanted to walk like a big girl, and truth be told, she was doing an awesome job trucking down the path.

The problem? At Baby H’s pace, we’d finish our 2-mile hike around 11:30 p.m.

No dice.

Sensing that a diversion was needed, I spotted a bench ahead & suggested we stop for a quick snack break.

The happiness balance was restored. The girls were enjoying their cookies together…

when Baby H leaned forward & toppled off the bench, breaking her fall with her cute little noggin.

Both the Hubs & I were right there and it still happened too fast for us to catch her. Ugh.

Luckily, Baby H seemed no worse for the wear, especially after Little O kissed her & made it feel better. 

And Baby H’s cookie was replaced with a new, dirt-free one {her main concern}, and all was right again in the world.

Until we started walking again.

And realized that our car was so very, very far away.

And it was getting late.

And Baby H was getting tired and cranky, so her pace was slowing down even more.

And Little O wanted to stop & pick every flower in the vicinity. And got super whiney when we told her she had enough in her bouquet. 

This is the point that our terrific lets-go-spend-some-time-together-outside idea went downhill. In a hurry.

So we did what all parents of young children do when it gets close to bedtime & the wheels are falling off: we scrambled.

The Hubs swung Little O onto his shoulders and I picked up a grumpy, writhing Baby H and we hauled it down that dirt path.

Twenty endless minutes later, we finally let the girls down to cross over the bridge that marked the end of our journey.

Both girls absolutely lit up at the chance to walk again. 

And the Hubs & I absolutely melted when we watched them join hands & cross that bridge together. 

In that precious moment, our extremely long walk didn’t seem like such a bad idea, after all.

Counting My Kisses: The best-laid plans, right?! Even though it certainly wasn’t our greatest idea ever, the walk was still super fun. I’m thankful for the time we spent together, and I know I’ll always remember the girls crossing the bridge together, hand in hand. Love that!

Wordless Wednesday: slide!

This is summer fun at its finest:


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Counting My Kisses: Is there anything cuter than seeing your children beam as they scoot down a slide? Little O & Baby H’s giggles were contagious~ the Hubs & I couldn’t stop laughing either. And their demands of “again! again!” were met over & over & over again…summer fun, indeed. What’s your favorite summer fun activity?