Little O the adventurer

Instead of doing a birthday party for Little O this year (although our fabulous friend Kristin did throw her the best birthday playdate luau EVER!), we thought it would be a blast to take Little O to Great Wolf Lodge for the night. She loves water, she adores splashing and sliding…perfect birthday gift, right?

Right! It was a HIT! Little O was in all of her two-year-old glory from the second we arrived.

This was the sight that greeted us:









So. Much. Fun!

Little O splished. She splashed. She sashayed around in the water.

Our water girl.













She even surprised the heck out of us.

Our sweet, adorable, somewhat-reserved-in-the-adventure-department toddler requested to go on the slides.

The BIG slide, to be exact. You know, the one that requires you to wear a life vest, sit on a raft with a responsible adult and allow the lifeguard to push you into the water-rushing, twisty-turny tunnel that ends with a massive splash at the bottom.

That’s right. Our Little O requested this slide. The hubs and I exchanged a glance, briefly debated and then decided to go for it. After all, it was only about 30 seconds long. How bad could it be?

I’d be lying if I said I was calm as I waited for their turn. The whole time they were in line I worried. What if she was too little? What if she hated it and cried the whole way down? What if– God forbid– their raft flipped mid-slide and she got pinned under it? Could that even happen?!

Before my thoughts could escalate even further, it was their turn. I swear I held my breath the entire time they swirled down and around until they finally came hurling out into the pool.

The second their raft came to a stop, I was searching Little O’s face for a reaction. Tears? Fear? A I’m-going-to-need-therapy-later-in-life-because-of-this look?

Not at all. She LOVED it! Little O was positively beaming at her daddy and I.

The first thing out of her mouth?

“Again! Again! Again pease!” (please in toddler-lingo).

The hubs and I exchanged another look. This time a nod, a smile and a whole lot of pride passed between us. Our oldest daughter never ceases to amaze.

Turns out our Little O is quite the adventurer. She went on every single slide she could at Great Wolf– a few were off limits due to height restrictions, but the rest she tackled with all sorts of spirit. And at the end of each slide, as soon as she was out of the water, she looked up at us, grinned and said “AGAIN!”

And that is something I’ll never, ever forget.












Counting My Kisses: Such great memories with our birthday girl– we can’t wait to take Baby H when she turns two! And what a great reminder to always give your kids the opportunity to surprise you.


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