Sick day

We had a sick day today at our house.

Little O's sad face.













Little O was awake and crying — hard– around 1:30 last night. I stumbled into her room, located her standing in her crib, and helped lay her back down.

As I was tucking her back in, I noticed my arm was all wet. And so was she. And come to think of it, why was there a puddle of ick right next to her blanket?

It was our first foray into the stomach flu with Little O. Coincidentally, Baby H had a round of the stomach flu two weeks ago. I don’t understand why the stomach flu wants to hang around our house, but I’d like it to move out asap. And never come back.

After a rough night of getting sick, Little O finally woke up around 10 in the morning. I set up camp for her on the couch, tucking a sheet into the cushions, just like my mom used to do. It always made me feel better to rest on a nice cool sheet when I was sick. Little O seemed to enjoy the novelty as well.









We read. We played games. We worked on puzzles. We watched movies. She sipped Pedialyte. She graduated to eating a small bowl of dry Cheerios. She napped. A great nap too, might I add. One of those I’m-sick-so-I’m-totally-passing-out-for-half-the-day kind of naps.









Baby H even did her best to distract Big Sis from her tummyache. She was on her best behavior, smiling and cooing up a storm. And apparently wearing her bib like a cape. But I digress.

Cheerful Baby H.













Although it was a tough day for Little O, it actually ended up being a nice day, in a sense. It gave us a chance to slow down and take life easy. Appointments were cancelled, errands rescheduled, the Target trip pushed off to another day. We had a chance to just be us. To cuddle on the couch, read books and cheer on the princess in Tangeled.

Who wouldn’t feel better after a day like that?









Counting My Kisses: I’m thankful our Little O is on the road to recovery. I’m also thankful for the memories of today. I’ll never forget snuggling on the couch with my girls, reading and watching movies and knowing that right here was exactly where I was supposed to be.



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