Meet Cousin M

Meet Cousin M.

This adorable honey bunny is my sister’s little girl. I can’t take any credit for her cuteness, but I can say that I’m a VERY proud auntie and an even prouder Godmother of this sweet angel girl.

Little O and Baby H absolutely ADORE Cousin M.

We talk about Cousin M all day long, every day. So you can imagine Little O and Baby H’s excitement when we went to visit Cousin M this past weekend. Baby H even celebrated by doing the happy dance.

Cousin M and Baby H picked up right where they left off. They are only 3.5 weeks apart, so they have profound baby babble conversations with each other. I’m sure they compare notes on bedtime, discuss how excited they are to move on to baby food, and giggle about how fun it is when their mommies dress them up in the same outfits.

Like this.

We really can’t help ourselves. It’s just so much fun.

I hope and pray that these three girls– and any other siblings and cousins our families are blessed with down the road– stay the closest of friends throughout their lives.

I’m blessed that I’ve stayed so close to my siblings over the years. The four of us have a bond that can’t be broken, no matter where we live or what stage we’re at in life.

{Sean, Baby H, Jen, Me, Little O, Lor & Cousin M}


We’re family. And that means the world to each one of us.

And I think it already means the world to Cousin M, Little O and Baby H, too.

Counting My Kisses: I’m so lucky to have an amazing older sis, an incredible younger sis and a fabulous little bro. It was a gift to grow up with you, and now it’s a gift to watch our families grow together!


3 thoughts on “Meet Cousin M

  1. Ams ==== I absolutely love this post ==== so darling.You are one gifted writer, and it is so neat to see you and your wonderful sisters and brohter enjoy every minute together. What a gift the three grandgirlies are to their Mimi and Papa!

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