All grown up

These days, being a wife and a mother are pretty much my main gigs. One that I love dearly and appreciate, might I add. After all, how could you not love seeing a face like this every day? 

But being around my college roommates a few weeks ago made me feel like a different person. A new person—or maybe it was an old person? The old me from a few years ago, before life and work and all of these amazing, crazy twists and turns happened. 

It was fun to be reintroduced to the old me. I missed her. I didn’t even realize how much I missed her until our roomie get-together. After all, doesn’t everyone think they have stayed exactly the same? Surely, I haven’t changed all that much.


Except I have. I grew up.


I made major life decisions. Worked at a few great jobs, and one not-so-great job.

Fell deeper in love with my college sweetheart. Took a leap of faith and moved four states away to see if this was “it.”

It was.

The dating years

Got engaged.

Bought a house.

Our first backyard!

Got married.

Made our house a home. Added a dog to our little family. 

Moved across the state for the Hubs’ job. Bought another house. Made it our home. 

Made the huge decision to have a child. Felt my heart grow to an unimaginable size with the birth of our daughter. 

Fell even deeper in love with my husband once he became a father. 

Felt my heart multiply again in love and appreciation with the birth of our second daughter. 

And  now spend each day thanking God for my amazing little blessings, growing right in front of my eyes. 


As I sat around the table talking to my roomies, I realized that I’ve come so far in just a few short years. And I’m so incredibly thankful for those friends, because being with them brings me back to a different time— a more carefree, adventurous time in my life.

A time when it didn’t matter that I had a 9am class, I could still stay out until last call at 2 a.m.

When I could lounge around on the couch and watch The Bachelor for hours and not feel like a waste of space, because I was hanging out with my girlfriends.

A time when it didn’t matter how or why I was upset, I had great friends who were willing to help me fix it.

A time where the whole world was ours to explore and conquer.

215 girls- 2004

I want my daughters to have those experiences in college; in life.

I hope they find everlasting friends~ the kind that you can pick right back up where you left off, whether it’s been two months or two years since you’ve last been together.

The kind of friend that helps you to be a better person. That helps you make hard~ and sometimes heartbreaking~ decisions. The kind of friend who cheers you on, supports you and helps you grow. And ultimately, helps you grow up.

I hope my girls are both that kind of friend to their friends as well.

Somehow, I think that my night away with my roomies helped me to rediscover me—the me before I was wrapped up into this amazing but all-consuming role of wife and mommy.

And somehow…

that discovery is helping me to be a better me today.

Counting My Kisses: Thank you to my 215 girls for a night of laughter, memories and fun! I’m so thankful each of you are in my life. We’ve had so many wonderful times together, you all will always have a piece of my heart. xoxo.

215 girls- all grown up!


5 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. Amy ~~~~ your friends are awesome, and so are you. Love this post. I am so happy that you founds such good, kind, caring and FUN friends.

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