Baby H takes on solids

It’s been an exciting few weeks around our house. Not only is Baby H rolling up a storm and the proud owner of two new teeth, she has also ventured into the world of solids.

First she took on baby oatmeal. She was pretty darn excited about it.












But after a few bites, Baby H wasn’t so sure anymore.









What is this stuff?!

Luckily after a few more spoonfuls she settled into it, and even managed to finish the bowl. Her beloved weekday audience– myself, Little O and fuzzy Lilly the puppy– cheered her on. The Hubs got about eight picture text messages while he was at work, so it was practically like he was there as well.

Success! Or was it?

Turns out, it’s a little different starting cereal with child #2. I now have a toddler to keep track of, meaning no more turning on Ellen and leisurely spooning the cereal into my baby’s waiting mouth.











{This is Little O eating cereal at 4.5 months. I’m fairly certain Ellen is on in the background. Little O and Baby H slightly resemble each other, no?}

I also forgot how long it takes. I have no idea why I thought Baby H would just magically start eating cereal off her spoon effectively– because she learned how to eat with a spoon when?!–  but somehow, I was really surprised when the first bite came oozing out. And then the second bite. And the third. You get the idea.

Once I remembered that I needed to block out an entire hour for each cereal feeding, we were in good shape. We worked on the oatmeal for a few weeks and then finally moved on to carrots– a definite hit.









And a few days later, green beans. Baby H even wore a green headband for the occasion.











Fun, exciting times in our house. I’m so proud of Baby H for doing such a great job with her new foods. We’re trying a new veggie every few days, so squash, peas and sweet potatoes are on deck for the next few weeks before we venture into fruits. Woo!


There’s only one teeny tiny thing that I forgot about in all of the solid food excitement.

The fact that our children like to spit up. A lot.

And a bottle + carrots for lunch = yup, you guessed it. Very orange spit-up.

All over my baby. All over me. All over my floors/carpet/couch/wherever we happen to be standing/sitting/playing when Baby H decides to share lunch with us.


But really…with a face this sweet, how can you even mind?









After all, my friends, that’s what Dreft is for.


Counting My Kisses: Even though Baby H’s venture into solids has been slightly on the messy side, it’s still so much fun to see her exploring new tastes and flavors. It’s a marvel to watch her learn to eat off of a spoon, and so fun to see Little O’s excitement whenever there is a new veggie for her little sis to try. Baby H is turning into such a big girl!

[Note: Dreft is not a sponsor of this blog. I really, really wish it was though, since I’ll be buying the stain remover spray in bulk from now on!]


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