Happy Friday!









Happy Friday from two adorable little girls!

Baby H & Cousin M are together again. Our playdate started slightly earlier than we would have liked this morning (6:15 central), but it has been quite the cooing, giggling occasion.

Apparently the girls had a lot to catch up on. It’s 100% the cutest thing ever.


Baby H & I flew into my hometown last night. We’re here for two bridal showers for my younger sister and a long weekend of family, friends and fun.

The flight went really well– Baby H enjoyed people watching for a while, and then decided to take a little snooze. She had to rest up for playing with Cousin M, after all.











So sweet.

And Little O is hanging out at home with Daddy– they have a fun weekend of daddy-daughter activities planned, like a trip to the carnival. Hard to say who was more excited, Little O or the Hubs. I can hardly wait to hear the stories!

So, my friends, have a wonderful weekend! We have lots of fun things planned for Counting My Kisses next week, including a summer book roundup– so start thinking of some great summer reads.

And while you’re at it, make sure you sign up for our Patticake Posh giveaway. It’s easy and the prize is fabulous!

Have a great one!


Counting My Kisses: I’m incredibly excited for a fun weekend ahead! It’s wonderful to celebrate our beautiful bride-to-be sister, and even more enjoyable to share such a happy occasion with lots of family and friends. Blessings abound!


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