Weekend at home

Ahhhh…so fun to be back in my hometown for a few days!


Cousin M and Baby H did a lot of hanging out.









I’m pretty sure they are already BFF’s. Aren’t they the cutest?


We had an awesome time at Jenna’s bridal shower on Saturday.









{Mom, the beautiful bride, me & Laurie}

It was a great celebration of Jenna & Chris…not to mention a great reason to dress up in toilet paper.











Yes, that’s me, in case you’re wondering. Our team did such a great job fashioning a wedding dress out of toilet paper that we placed first. Woo!

{And yes, I’m wearing clothes under the dress, I swear!}

The babies were really excited to be a part of Auntie Jen’s shower. After a million hugs and kisses from each and every relative at the shower, they both took a little rest during the gift opening.









Naturally, they were a huge hit, even during naptime.


Cousin M continued to look adorable while professing her love for her aunties.









And Baby H stayed sweet and smiley, even though she’s a little under the weather with her first ear infection.









Don’t you just want to kiss both of their cheeks?!


We enjoyed another amazing wedding shower on Sunday as well. It was such fun to catch up with beloved family friends and to celebrate in Jenna’s happiness. She is going to be a radiant bride!









{Mom & Jen before the shower}


The babies played together non-stop, cooing and jabbering and trying to hold hands. They also were giggling up a storm for us. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty heart-melting.









We were pretty lucky that Uncle Sean was there to keep the babies entertained as well. All three girls adore Uncle Sean– he’s the best!











{Baby H & Uncle Sean}

And my dad gave Baby H her first taste of sweet potatoes. Naturally, she loved them (she even tried to eat them through the container!). She polished the whole thing off in about five minutes.










A few states away, Little O also enjoyed her “Daddy Weekend of Fun.”

I think it’s safe to say she had an absolute blast at the carnival, based on the picture that the Hubs sent me.







I’ve also heard a rumor that there was a lot of ice cream, cake and later than normal bedtimes involved in the weekend of fun. That sounds perfect to me– I’m so glad the Hubs & Little O had tons of fun together. And a little rule-bending on occasion never hurt anyone.

I know my weekend was a memorable one as well. It was the first time in years that just my two sisters and brother and I were home, sans significant others (but plus two babies, I suppose!).

It’s always such a blast when the whole crew gets together, but it was really cool to have the just the four of us laughing, enjoying each other and hanging out.

Some things never change. And sometimes that’s a good thing.









Counting My Kisses: I’m so happy that I was able to be at home for this amazing weekend! We’re so excited about my sister’s upcoming wedding, and I cherished the time I was able to spend with family and friends. Wishing all the best to the happy couple!


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3 thoughts on “Weekend at home

  1. What a terrific weekend of showers. It was a true reflection of how important Jenna and Chris are in all of our lives. We were thrilled that my family and Mary Beth showered you with so much love. We are truly blessed with family and friends.

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