Catch that dog!

Little O and Baby H are absolutely loving summertime.


We spend our days baton twirling.










Dressing up in coordinating outfits with Cousin M.










Giggling in sunhats.












Fixing our pink bubble lawnmower.










And rolling around in the grass.









I think it’s safe to say that so far, we’re having a ball.


Until we ran into a little hiccup today.

Our dog escaped.


It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare. Especially a pet owner with really small, not terribly mobile kids.


It happened so fast. Little O wanted to play with her wagon outside. Easy enough. I opened the basement door to pull the wagon out. I told Lilly to sit. And to stay.

She did– until she caught sight of a bird hopping around a few feet away on our patio. She was out of the door like a rocket and halfway into our neighbor’s yard before I could even process what happened.

I had to fight the urge– hard— not to panic. Lilly is not yard trained. She has escaped on a handful of occasions, and each time Hubs has had to chase her for a few blocks before finally catching her.

Not an option for me. I was wearing Baby H in our Baby Bjorn, so running was out of the picture. Not to mention I had a toddler that I had to tote along as well.

So I did the only thing I could.

Keeping my voice calm and light, I called for Lil. And promised her treats.

It didn’t work right away. She had too much energy to burn off. After she stopped chasing the bird, she started running toward the block behind us, which has roughly sixty dogs living on it.

Shoot, I thought. Shoot shoot shoooooot.

I grabbed Little O’s hand and we took off after her. Slowly. The way that a 2-year-old walks in a hilly yard when it’s 85 degrees out.

The whole time we walked, I was calling for Lilly. Cheerfully. Asking her if she wanted treats. Little O, who currently repeats every single thing that we say, also promised treats in her sweet little toddler voice.

It would have been a nice moment, had I not been terrified that Lilly wasn’t coming back.

But she did. Right as I was starting to wonder if I needed to call in backup, Lil turned the corner and came trotting back, acting like nothing at all had happened.

Oh hey! You guys are out here too! Gorgeous day, isn’t it?

Talk about a close call. A good reminder to me– and any other mommas with little ones AND a pet– that these things happen in an instant. From here on out, I’ll be taking extra care to make sure that Miss Lilly doesn’t try to escape again.

After all, we want to get back to our summer of fun.

With our loyal Lilly at our side.












Counting My Kisses: I’m so thankful Lilly came back to us safely! Our family just wouldn’t be complete without its fuzziest member.



3 thoughts on “Catch that dog!

  1. Sounds like an adventure!! I am very glad Lilly came back! Cousin Scooby would not be a happy boy if he heard Lilly ran away! Lilly knew to come back because she has such a great life with you guys 🙂

  2. Yikes, usually the treat thing works with Muggs too but sometimes they get in their own world with the outdoors! Sometimes squeaking a ball works for us too. You are Supermom to have both of those girls in tow while hunting down Lilly!

    p.s. the 4th of July outfits are adorable!

  3. LOL! I can only imagine! Perhaps its time for an invisible fence!!!! (I'm sure Dan will be thrilled with that suggestion =)!)

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