A weekend to celebrate

It was one of those Sunday nights where you just sit back and sigh with happiness.

It was that kind of weekend.

The Hubs took Friday off and we ventured to the zoo with the girls. It was tons of fun. In fact, it was the kind of fun when you realize — much too late– that you’ve stayed roughly two hours past the beginning of naptime because you’ve completely lost track of time.

It was worth it.

We saw elephants. Lots and lots of elephants– or “so slows,” as Little O calls them. Because they walk so slow, of course. Can’t argue with a two-year-old’s logic.









Little O was so enamored with the so-slows that she could barely take her eyes off of them. This was picture attempt #47 and she’s still not looking at the camera!









We lucked out and even had our own personal tour guide for our first hour– thank you, Miss Theresa! We learned a ton of cool little-known facts about elephants– like for instance, did you know that elephants actually walk around on their tiptoes? Pretty cool stuff!









We hugged monkeys {well, not real ones!}…









waved at the giraffes…











explored the rainforest…









and took a train ride.









{Yes, both kids are on the Hubs’ lap…don’t ask!}

Baby H was a trooper. She really seemed to love looking at the animals. And if she’s anything like her big sis, the zoo will be one of her very favorite places by next summer.











All in all, a fabulous visit!

We capped the day off with a delicious dinner and birthday cake with the in-laws. Such fun!

Saturday we had such a nice day. Our little family hung out close to home and had a great time together.

That night, the Hubs and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner date at one of the area’s best restaurants. The company was wonderful and the food was amazing.









I’m pretty sure I won’t need to eat again until the middle of next week!

And Sunday, we enjoyed the gorgeous summer weather.









Baby H realized she could finally reach the toys in her bouncy seat, which made her extremely happy.











And Little O celebrated with her.









Good job, Baby H!


Sigh. Such a wonderful weekend. I went to bed a happy girl last night.

How was your weekend?

I hope it was a good one!


Counting My Kisses: I’m so thankful we were able to have a fun weekend at home with our little family. It was such a memorable weekend– we will always remember the Hubs’ 30th birthday! We’re so incredibly blessed.



4 thoughts on “A weekend to celebrate

  1. Such cute pictures. I love the name “so-slows” for the elephants. I’m glad that there are creatures on this earth who appear to move even slower than me.

    Your loving aunt and godmother,

    Aunt Sue

  2. The zoo is always fun with little ones!
    Such a cute blog! I've been looking around and I've got to follow you! 🙂 Thanks for posting your site in the BF discussion!

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