Girly girls

The Hubs has been away on business for the past few days, leaving the girls and I to hang out at home.

And in his absence, things have gotten a little girly around here.

It started with Little O sweeping her hair into a majestic updo. I’m still not quite sure how she pulled it off, but it looked pretty snazzy.











Impressive for a two-year-old, no? I absolutely love how she’s contemplating which bow to accessorize with in this picture. Priceless.

Both little girls had mani/pedis, and Little O– because she’s two now and a such big girl– had her toenails painted bright pink to match Mommy’s.









Needless to say, the “pink toesies” are a huge hit.

Next up came the accessories. What girl doesn’t love a good necklace?











Or what monkey, for that matter?











I personally think the three headbands covering the monkey’s face are a nice touch.

Up next, glamour shots with monkey.

Little O really got into it.

























Baby H wanted in on the action…











And then I’m pretty sure regretted it later on, when Little O decided that Baby H needed to wear three bows at once.











I think that expression says it all, don’t you?

Luckily, the Hubs is coming home tonight. It’s possible things might have gotten slightly out of hand in the girly department while he was away.

But isn’t that the fun of having little girls?

Counting My Kisses: My girls never cease to amaze– or entertain!– me. It’s such fun to have our little girls light up the room with their necklaces, hair bows and bright pink toenails. I know I’ll cherish these memories forever!


5 thoughts on “Girly girls

  1. Holy hilarious pictures! Loveeee Baby H with all the bows! She looks soooo thrilled!! haha! Glad Hubs is coming home for your sake and theirs! lol

    • Sounds good, I think we need it!! 🙂 Little O LOVED Jack's race-car track thing…the Hubs is considering buying one, just to break up the pink! 🙂

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