It’s pretty cool to watch your little brother grow into a man.

All of a sudden, you see him in a whole new light. 

{Sean & I — 1990ish. Don’t even ask what’s going on with my hair~ that’s a post for another day!}

He’s really not my little brother anymore, since he’s been taller than me for almost a decade. And he’s way cooler. Thank goodness he watched an episode of Jersey Shore with me, or else I’d be the only person in America who doesn’t know the meaning of GTL.

That’s what brothers are for– keeping you cool. 

{Sean & I — April 2011}

Sean is just starting his junior year in college. He has it all right now– sweet summer internship, lots of friends, an apartment with his buddies for the upcoming school year and of course, he just turned 21. Need I say more? Life is good.

 I spend my days navigating tantrumsplaying dress up, chasing runaway dogs and introducing our five-month-old to the wonderful world of pureed fruits and veggies

And I absolutely love every second of it. Life is pretty darn good for me too.

Plus, I had my turn to play in college. And after college. Now my playtime includes lifeguarding the toddler pool in our front yard. Slight change of pace from hanging out on the pool deck in Daytona Beach.

But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

One of the best things about my brother is that even though he is living his really cool, I’m-21-and-on-top-of-the-world life, he always makes time for me. And for our family.

Watching him be an uncle to our little girls and Cousin M is the sweetest thing ever.

A few examples:

Sean’s high school graduation — Little O was two weeks old. 

{This picture melts me. Every.Single.Time.}

Snowstorm with Little O & Uncle Sean.


Little O celebrating Uncle Sean’s 20th birthday. 

Feeding Baby H. 

Cuddling a brand-new Cousin M. 

Giggling with a wide-eyed Baby H. 

And let’s not forget hanging out with fuzzy Lilly. 

Our girls are thrilled anytime Uncle Sean is around. So I am, for that matter. He’s an incredible person– funny, caring and so very thoughtful. Even though we’re at completely different phases in our lives, being with him is still such a blast.

He’s always willing to read Pinkalicious to Little O 47 times in a row. To play with rattles and makes faces at Baby H and Cousin M. To endlessly throw toys for Lilly. To humor the Hubs during their golf games. And to tell me what songs to download so I don’t fall hopelessly out of touch with pop culture.

That, my friends, is a fantastic brother. A great uncle. And a wonderful friend.

Thanks for all the joy you bring to our family, Seanski. And for trying to keep me cool. 

You’re the best!


Counting My Kisses: How lucky am I that my brother is so awesome? He’s living it up at college, and yet he always makes time for me and our entire family. What a guy– thanks for being the best brother (and uncle!) a girl could ask for!


4 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Ams ~~~ you are totally correct. Seanski is the best brother and son a family could wish for. He has the best heart of any person who walks on this planet. He is so thoughtful, kind, fun, and clueless in a "boy way". He is the frosting on the cake for our family. I like to think that having three sisters is what made him the perfect combination of man and sweet boy :). I love you Seanski!!

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome blog Amy!! I started reading it and i started crying!! I absolutely loved it!! I bet you will get even more activity on the site because of the hot 21 year old that is on there!! JK lol

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