Things I love

Grinning, happy babies with two bottom teeth sticking out.












Smiley, sunshiney toddlers who love being outside {even in the 95-degree heat!}.









Bright blue eyes, watching and learning.












Inquiring little minds, exploring the world.










Sweet little baby toes. I just want to kiss them.









Focused, windswept toddlers, wondering what mischief to get into next.









Adoring daddies kissing their sweet baby bears.









And growing, baton-twirling sweetie pies who love to perform for an audience.









Those are just a few of the many things that I’m loving at this moment in time.


I’m also making this a new segment–Things I love Thursday. Stay tuned for next week’s vacation edition {hint: I’m pretty sure it will not involve me loving a 9.5 hour car ride with two adorable but restless little girls!}.

How about you? What are you loving right now?


Counting My Kisses: I’m having a blast with my new camera, and the opportunity it is giving me to capture my family in a whole new light. I’m so proud of our girls for continuing to grow, learn and explore this amazing world. I’m beyond thankful that the Hubs and I are so incredibly blessed with this amazing life and our two extraordinary little girls.


Make sure to submit your favorite photo from this summer to the Summer Fun Photo Contest! It’s running from now until Wednesday, July 27th at midnight.

Simply email your favorite picture to and tell your family and friends to “like” it on the Counting My Kisses Facebook page. It’s easy and fun– plus the picture with the most “likes” receives a $25 Target gift card!

Can’t wait to see your submission!


6 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. Adorable pictures! The girls are just so perfect and that new camera makes them look even more perfect!! Love you all!

  2. I love the breathiness of Miss O ~~~ it so reminds me of how you used to talk when you were 2 years old. Soooooo many thoughts to get out, and not enough time to say it all :). I love the sweetness of Baby H and how her sunny smile lights up her face. I love the giggles of Baby M and how it melts any heart watching her. But mostly I love watching my daughters be such kind, compassionate, patient and fun Moms to my perfect grandgirlies. xoxoxoxo

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