Our girls & the beach

Annnnnd we’re back!

Nicely suntanned. Extremely sandy. Somewhat refreshed, a little bit exhausted.

Vacation, my friends, was an absolute hit for our family.


Little O is a whole new toddler. A little more independent, a little more fearless.

Example A:











Yes, our two-year-old is holding a jellyfish in her hand. Our ocean-savvy cousins promised us it was the non-stinging type, and once we were sure it wasn’t going to send her to the ER, we let her have at it.

Not going to lie, it totally grossed me out. Which of course made her want to do it even more.

Example B:








Little O riding on rides solo at the island’s theme park for little ones. This picture was about four minutes after we arrived– she was practically beaming at us with excitement and pride over being able to ride it herself.

And Example C:








Pure fearless joy while playing in the ocean. The waves? Not a concern. Fishies swimming around her? Loved it. Salt water that burned her eyes and made her nose run? Couldn’t get enough.

It was awesome to see how much Little O adored the sand, the ocean, the theme park, the sun…just running around, splashing away, not a care in the world.


Love it. It’s good for the soul to see little ones so joyous and carefree.


Speaking of little ones, check out what Baby H learned to do on vacay:








Really!? Up on all fours already?! Hopefully it takes her a while to figure out the whole crawling deal, since I’m still in slight shock over the fact that she’s six months old already. Where has the time gone?!


But back to vacay. Baby H loved the ocean. The Hubs & I decided that since the roar of the ocean sounds exactly like her sound machine, she felt right at home on the beach.

Here’s Baby H’s very first toe-dip into the ocean:








It was a little chillier than her normal cozy warm bath, but she still seemed to enjoy it!

Baby H was enthralled with the sand as well. I can’t tell you which child ate more sand during the trip, but I can say that they both ate more than their fair share.











{Note the sand-covered rattle. Yummy.}

Baby H’s six-month photo shoot on the beach (with the new camera!) was a ton of fun. My favorite shots are a tie between this one:








And this one:








And this one too:











All sorts of happy baby cuteness! Can’t help but fall in love with our sweet Baby H.


For the girls, it was a great vacation. For the Hubs & I, it was an incredible trip. I know we’re both going to hold these precious memories close to our hearts for years and years to come. We had a blast with our girls, we had a ball with our extended family. We feel so very, very blessed.

Not to say the trip wasn’t without its trying moments. We definitely had a few entertaining hiccups…so stay tuned for those tomorrow.

In the meantime, this momma is going to work on laundry load #47 of the day. Happily. Because each piece of clothing that I sort brings a smile to my face– Baby H wore this to the beach, Little O had a blast playing with her cousins wearing that, the Hubs had this on when we first put the Little O and Baby H’s toes in the ocean.

And so on.

Memories, memories. Love, love love.

Counting My Kisses: I’m so thankful for an incredible vacation with great weather, healthy kiddos and a wonderfully relaxed husband. Having two little girls on the beach every day wasn’t an easy task– I swear I could sunscreen them both in my sleep at this point!– but it was worth the effort a hundred times over. We have enough memories– and pictures– to last us for a long time. At least until our next trip!


4 thoughts on “Our girls & the beach

  1. Looks like you guy had a blast on vacation! So glad you enjoyed yourselves! You deserved it! Hopefully there isn't too much sand in that washer and dryer (or maybe you hope there is so you can get new ones 😉 ) Missed you guys!!

    • We did have a blast! And there is a TON of sand in my washing machine right now…maybe it will be the ticket for a new one! 🙂 Miss you too Jen!

  2. What a vacation for the memory books!! I am so happy that Miss O is in love with the ocean. All the pictures were awesome!! Glad it was so much fun and you got home safely. xoxoxox

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