How does your garden grow?

Another new love of Little O’s: gardening.









Or, more accurately, watering.






















This weekend, we paid a visit to Grammy & Grampy’s garden to see the sunflowers they planted for the girls. Naturally, Little O had to water everything in sight.


Once she finally deemed everything properly hydrated, we took a closer look at the sunflowers.



















They are so bright and sunny– just like our girls! And so tall– check out how high they have grown:












Needless to say, they were a huge hit with the girls. As was running around in Grammy and Grampy’s yard with a Dora watering can.























It’s the little things, I tell ya. This made Little O’s day.


And it made ours, too.









Counting My Kisses: It was so glorious to be reminded about the fruitfulness of planting– hard work yields great rewards. We had a ton of fun watering the flowers, and we are in awe of how big the girl’s sunflowers are now. Plus, you can’t put a price on a little girl twirling, whirling and running around in the yard {thanks for the adorable dresses, Ry & Heath!}.


6 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. First off, those dresses that Little O and Baby H have on are adorable! As are the crocs that Little O is sporting 🙂 And those are the largest sunflowers I have ever seen!! Gorgeous! Little O is welcome at our house to do gardening anytime….everyone knows we need the help 😉

    • Thanks Jen! I know, the dresses are SO cute! And we'll be happy to send Little O down to you guys ANYTIME you need help gardening. 🙂 She's really great at watering. 🙂

  2. Amy doll ~~~ you are so right about gardening === HARD WORK DOES YIELD GREAT REWARDS. Same is true about raising children. You and Dan as well as Lor and Chris are putting a tremendous amount of effort, time and love into raising the most perfect grandkids in the world. We are so proud of all of you!! When these grandgirlies are tall and strong, you will be as proud as Papa and I are :).

    • Thanks Mimi! We really appreciate it. 🙂 It means a lot– and I hope you are right! 🙂 Hopefully they will be tall and strong and sunny, just like those sunflowers in the garden.

  3. The little dresses are beautiful and so are you, Amy. It is so nice to see you enjoying your little girls and all the wonderful joy they bring to your life. It all goes so quickly……but, then again, you get to really enjoy your babies,as adults, watching them with their little ones. Life is so precious….every moment needs to be savored.

    • Thanks Aunt Diann! We love the dresses…Heath & Ry have great taste! 🙂 And you are SO right that every moment needs to be savored…we are so, so blessed!

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