A weekend of fun

Hello, friends!

How was everyone’s weekend? Hopefully it was tons of fun and/or relaxing.

My weekend was a lot of both.


Friday, 7:00 p.m.









This was the view from the rooftop deck of the house that my sisters & I rented for the weekend.

Ahhhhhhhh. At the end of a rather trying week, this was exactly what I needed. A relaxing night with a gorgeous view, a glass of wine and great company.









I slept in until 10 a.m. Saturday morning. No sweet toddlers to wake me up with, “Ohhh Mommy!! Up please!” {ahem, Little O} or adorable baby squeals and giggles through the monitor {a la Baby H}. Not that I don’t love both of those things dearly– because I do. But it was so very nice to have a night off and to sleep in, knowing the girls were in excellent hands during their Weekend of Fun at home with Daddy.

After a relaxing Saturday afternoon sunning on the rooftop deck, we were ready to hit the town to celebrate my younger sister Jenna’s last few weeks as a single lady.

Here’s my favorite sister shot at the beginning of the night:









{Laurie, beautiful bride-to-be Jenna, and me}

We then proceeded to have the best night ever out in the city. We had a fabulous group of girls with us, and we all had such a great time toasting to the bride. More than a few times, might I add.

Here’s Bachelorette Jenna being serenaded {for three songs!} at a piano bar.











My favorite part was when the piano man sang:

“Going to the chapel

and Jenna’s

going to get

maaaaaaa–aaaaaaaaaa-rrieeedddd”….and the entire bar sang along with him. It was that kind of night.


Like I said– fabulous!


I definitely misses my three loves {and fuzzy Lilly, of course} while I was away…









but I know they had such a great weekend together. And I had an amazing weekend with my sisters, which I’m so thankful for.

Plus, our sweet girls were excited for lots and lots of Mommy Cuddles when I got home.









And that, my friends, is the perfect way to end a simply fabulous weekend.


Counting My Kisses: I couldn’t have asked for a better Bachelorette party for our beautiful younger sister! She was glowing with happiness, which I know will continue for the next few weeks until she marries the love of her life– and of course for years and years after. It was fantastic to get away for a few days to both relax and celebrate– and to be excited to come home to my amazing little family. I’m such a lucky, lucky girl!


6 thoughts on “A weekend of fun

  1. Such an amazing bachelorette weekend!!! Thanks to my amazing sisters for throwing such a great party! It was perfect!! Love you both!!

  2. What a weekend that was for all of you. You all looked so wonderful and you were certainly entitled to such a great time. Jenna looked beautiful…..so much to look forward to. When I read about the piano man playing, "Going to the Chapel", it made me smile. That was the same song that played, on our radio, 43 plus years ago, in 1968, when I was heading to the church to marry "My Man". Enjoy it all….it goes way too fast.

    • Thanks so much, Aunt Diann! Jenna looked just gorgeous…a preview to how radiant she'll look in 2.5 weeks, no doubt! I LOVE that "Going to the Chapel" was playing when you were heading to the church to marry your wonderful husband– thanks for sharing that cute story! 🙂

  3. jAms ~~~

    So happy that you and the ladies had such fun.. These memories will be with you forever, and it was so generous of you, Lor and the girls to make Jenna feel so special. She will be a beautiful bride, but mostlly because of the joy in her heart for Chris. That is all that is important to me!! hugs to you xoxoxoxo

    • So true…we have such great memories from the bachelorette weekend! And the big day is SO SOON– we can't wait! 🙂

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