Baby H is on the move!

That’s right, friends. Our 6.5 month old is mobile.

This is the face of a baby who is bound and determine to play with her big sis. 

Hardwood floors? No big deal. 

Fuzzy puppy trying to check out her diaper? No worries. She’ll get around you, Lilly. 

Just check out that look of fierce determination

She’s headed your way, Little O. 

Right after she takes a little break to munch on her hand and drool a bit more. Teething, you know.

The Boppy can no longer hold back Baby H. She can climb over just about any obstacle we put in her way.

Apparently she’s been training for this. Impressive, sweet girl! 

She’s our exploring, 

lets-put-everything-in-my-mouth {even the dog collar–ick!} little adventurer. At 6.5 months old. 

This is the face of a baby who is extremely proud of herself. And her Mommy, Daddy and big sis are so proud of her too! 

Counting My Kisses: I cannot believe our baby is on the move! I’m quickly adjusting to the fact that when I put Baby H down on the rug, I need to keep one eye on her all the time– because 30 seconds later, she has army-crawled her way to someplace new. Needless to say, we will be re-baby-proofing the house sometime in the near future. It’s exciting to start this new phase in Baby H’s life, although I’ll admit we’re not quite ready for it yet {Little O was 10.5 months when she started to “officially” crawl!}. Exciting times in our house. We’re so proud of our sweet Baby H– and Little O is super excited to have a newly mobile playmate!


12 thoughts on “Baby H is on the move!

  1. YIKES, YIKES, YIKES!!!!!! Oh my goodness, Amy Doll, you have NO idea how busy life is about to come. I am super proud of our love bug too, but you need to consume another 1000 calories a day. You are going to be busy. Usually I say 6 months is the perfect age === the kids are on a great sleeping schedule, they smile and laugh all the time, and they are stationery. Not so much with Baby H!!! Cannot wait for her to create havac to Mimi and Papa's house. xoxox

  2. Go Baby H, what a great collection of pictures to capture her adventure! Quite an impressive plank, you have a strong little girl on your hands!

  3. Bravo to Baby H. Loved the pictures. I can only imagine the look on Baby H's face when she heads towards her big sis. Much love and strength to all.

    • Thanks for the love and strength Aunt Diann– we are going to need it! 🙂 It's SO fun and such a busy times…we love, love love it! 🙂

    • Lol! I wish…she's fast everywhere! Life has become very, very different in the past few days. 🙂 I can't wait for your #2 to start moving super early too…the older sibling apparently is the best incentive ever. 🙂

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