I’m loving it

It’s Things I Love Thursday!

Here’s what I’m loving today…how about you?


Little girls in tutus.












Giggling babies who like to stick out their tongues.









Little legs playing soccer.









Sweet smiles from our blue-eyed baby.









Two little girls, already the best of friends.


















Exploring. Today’s challenge: figuring out grass.












Sister bike rides in our cul-de-sac.









And peaceful, gorgeous sunsets.









A few other things I’m loving right now:

~ My sister is getting married in a week and a half! WOO! I can’t WAIT.

~ Getting to spend LOTS of time with my wonderful family next week! AND getting to meet a certain sweet baby girl on our drive to my parent’s house, I’m so excited.

~ Learning how to use my fabulous new camera more and more– and loving it.

~ The first home high school football game on Friday night {and yes, you read that right…I’m excited for the football game!}.


What are you loving right now? Share in the comments section below!


Counting My Kisses: This week is the calm before the storm…and oh, what a wonderful storm it’s going to be! What could be better than meeting babies, hanging out with family and friends and most importantly, celebrating the love between two absolutely amazing people? My sister’s wedding week is almost here, and I’m having a hard time sleeping because of all of the excitement. I’m so incredibly thankful to witness this blessed occasion, and to visit with family and friends from around the country. There is definitely a LOT to be loving right now!

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7 thoughts on “I’m loving it

  1. I love your "Things I love Thursday" posts 🙂 I, too, love the fact I am getting married in 9 days. I also love my sweet puppy Scooby! And last but not least, I love that in less than a week we will all be together celebrating 🙂

      • Your sweet nieces love you too, Auntie Jen! 🙂 And we can't WAIT for the big celebration next week! It's going to be the best time EVER. Woo!!! 🙂

  2. I love that today is BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!
    My daughter has been moping for the past week — why isn't it time for school yet? (1st grade)

    I'm not sure I'm loving that my son is a senior. I just sent him off to his first day of school for the last time. Next year, he'll be on his own 😦

    • How wonderful Karen! I hope your daughter had a great day in first grade! 🙂 And how bittersweet with your son being a senior…I can't imagine how it felt to send him off to school for the last time. 😦 Hope it was a good first day for everyone in your family!

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