Wedding Weekend, Part I

What a weekend!!!

The pre-wedding fun began on Thursday with a family get-together at my parent’s house.








{Me, Jenna, Lor & Seanski}


Little O was super excited for the party to start.












And so were the babies. They just needed a little power nap in the stroller first!









We had a blast with Chris’s family– lots of food, drinks and laughter to be had. It was great to spend time with everyone and get excited for the days ahead!


Bright and early Friday morning, we joined the happy couple on a brewery tour, which was so much fun.










{Chris & Jenna at the Miller tour}


We left the babies at home with family friends and just took Big Girl Little O for the occasion– which she loved. Especially the free pretzel part.









After naps, nail appointments and a whole lot of getting ready, we headed up to church for the wedding rehearsal.


Jen & Chris were just radiating happiness.









Everyone had a lot of fun at the church rehearsal. Especially a certain toddler who really liked running up and down the aisle in her fancy dress!









And giving Papa sweet hugs. Love!









Next up was the rehearsal dinner– a relaxing, super fun evening of great friends, good food and toasting to the bride and groom.





































Jenna and Chris were so incredibly happy– it was infectious to be around them, you couldn’t help but be so happy too! It was a fantastic party, and it set the tone just perfectly for the entire weekend– easygoing and elegant fun.









{Ready to get married!}


Stay tuned for Wedding Weekend, Part II tomorrow!


Counting My Kisses: It was such an honor to be a part of this incredible weekend! The pre-wedding festivities were a blast– and they reflected Jenna & Chris absolutely perfectly. It was so nice to spend one-on-one time with the people who are closest to the bride and groom. We feel blessed to be included in that wonderful group of people!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend, Part I

  1. Aw, everyone looks so nice and spiffy and happy! What an exciting weekend – and the babes couldn't be any cuter snoozing it off in the stroller!

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