The Grandparent Factor

So you know what’s pretty neat?

Taking a fun activity that you enjoy with your kids and adding in grandparents.

The result?

Seeing your parents act like kids with your kids.


Love, love LOVE.








{Papa & Little O with their pretend elephant trunks}


My parents and I took the girls to the zoo on Sunday {yes, we’re still in my hometown and yes, I swear we’re leaving soon!}. It was one of those end-of-summer 84-degree days that you just needed to be outside, enjoying every minute.


And we did. We had a ball.


The best part for me? Seeing the faces of both my parents and my little girls as we wandered through the zoo.


We saw butterflies.









We waved to monkeys.









We spent lots of time hanging out with the giraffes.























We also loved watching the elephants– or so-slows, as Little O likes to call them.























Of course, no trip to the zoo is complete without a train ride.









And what grandparent can say no to the carousel?








Clearly, not Mimi and Papa. Which is just the way it’s supposed to be.


It was such a fun trip to the zoo–I loved every minute of it. Even when Little O threw a fit every single time we put her back in the stroller. Ah, two-year-olds. Always providing opportunities to challenge your parenting skills in public.

Other than that little hiccup, it was a perfect day {other than missing the Hubs, of course, who is on a business trip}.


Thanks so much, Mom & Dad– for braving the heat, the temper tantrums and the challenge of the zoo with two small children! We did it and it was worth it one hundred times over.


And I loved seeing you act like kids, too. You guys are the best!


Counting My Kisses: It’s an incredible gift to be able to share our children’s joy with our parents, and vice versa. And since we are lucky enough to have two sets of amazing grandparents for our little girls, we welcome the grandparent factor anytime. After all, who doesn’t like to act like a kid every now & then?


2 thoughts on “The Grandparent Factor

  1. It is a pleasure and a joy to have all our grandgirlies here the last few weeks. It is worth all 27 rolls of paper towels, 61 rolls of toilet paper and the fingerprints that are all over the house. Nothing makes a grandparents heart happier than having little ones to remind you of what is really important. what a blessing to live to see our childrens' children. Love, love and more love. xoxoxo

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