Family rules

Hello there, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

We had a windy and rainy weekend– and did I mention cold? As in, we’ve had our heat cranked to 70 degrees for the past few days. Brrrrrrrr.

But that’s okay. Cold and rainy weekends are perfect for snuggling, giggling and organizing.

And that is exactly what we did.

Motivated by my dad’s amazing pantry overhaul, the Hubs & I tackled our family room while the girls were napping on Saturday.

Here’s a before shot {in the middle of playtime}:









And the after shot:








Ahhhh. Just looking at this picture lowers my blood pressure.

The Hubs & I organized all of the toys, moving a majority of them downstairs to the playroom. It was a big job, but it was worth it.

The end result? A clean, organized family room. Toys that actually fit in the toy chest. A first floor that no longer looks like Fisher Price exploded all over it. And one very happy momma.

We moved around a few pictures on the wall as well {ignore the blank left wall by the toy chest– my vision for it will hopefully come to life next weekend, stay tuned!}. The picture shuffling occured because we needed to make room for this beauty:











A birthday gift from my parents– isn’t it the coolest?! I LOVE it. They ordered it from Barn Owl PrimitivesIt’s called Family Rules, and it is exactly what I hope to instill in our girls as they grow.

Say your prayers. Be thankful. Work hard. Always tell the truth. Love one another. Don’t whine. Use kind words. Say please and thank you. Do your best. Try new things. Keep your promises. Help others. Say I love you. Laugh. Giggle. Be silly. Be proud of yourself.


The Hubs & I hung this beautiful piece of art in our kitchen, so we can see it and be reminded by it countless times a day. The words touch me– they are so simple, but so true. Good reminders of what we should be doing each day as we try to teach our children how to become kind, responsible people.

Hopefully we’re off to a good start.









Counting My Kisses: It was a blessing in disguise to have such a cold, rainy weekend. Our pumpkin patch plans were pushed back until next weekend, giving us the opportunity to just take it easy at home with the girls. We did a lot of playing, a lot of giggling and a lot of spending time together as a family– what could be better than that? Hanging the Family Rules sign was just icing to the cake. It helps put in to words what the Hubs & I are striving to do with our two beautiful little girls– give them a strong foundation to grow on. And that is something that’s worth remembering every single day.

PS– a big congrats to Sherree Shaw Chmitlin, our Books to the Rescue iPad 2 Giveaway winner! Congrats Sherree– and thanks to everyone who participated!


2 thoughts on “Family rules

  1. Your Family Room looks wonderful. Something that worked beautifully for me was…… No toys in the family room, except the three toys that I set up each evening after the children went to bed. First of all, we all had way too many toys and my teaching experience taught me that when a young child is faced with too many choices, they just pull everything out and don't usually play with anything. I can't begin to tell you how excited my children were every day to come down stairs in the morning and see what toys were there. They would play with those three toys for at least an hour non stop. It gave me a chance to recycle the many toys that they had and them a chance to see the value of each and every toy. Sometimes, I would change them out with three new toys during their nap so that I would have some free time to prepare dinner or do a load of laundry. The other rule was……you must pick up a toy completely and put it back in the box before selecting another toy. My 27, 31 and 37 year old young adults still talk about how excited they were each and every morning to come downstairs.

    • I love this idea, Aunt Diann! Thanks so much! We will definitely be implementing this into our daily life in the very near future. 🙂 Good to know that the kids STILL talk about it– sounds like it made quite the impression! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion! xoxoxo

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