Fall funday at the zoo

Hello, friends!

I hope you had a enjoyable, relaxing weekend!

We took advantage of the amazingly warm fall weather & had lots of fun outside. To top it all off, Auntie Lala, Uncle Chris & Cousin M were in town, which is always a blast.

On Friday the girls & I met them, plus Chris’s fabulous mother {who graciously provided some of these pictures!}, at the zoo for a few hours of fun.










The cousins were all super excited to see each other. In fact, the babies insisted on riding in the same stroller, which was 100% adorable.










Little O– since she’s a big girl– was able to walk through the zoo & check out the animals and the exhibits first-hand.


































Little O even had the chance to feed the goats with Uncle Chris, which was a huge hit.









In the meantime, the babies were just chilling in the stroller, enjoying the lovely day. They also had a lot to catch up on, so there was a steady stream of baby babble between the two of them. Love!









Baby H & Cousin M did get to experience their first merry-go-round ride together as well, which was such a great time.








{Lala with Cousin M, Chris with Little O, me with Baby H}










{My girls & I!}










{Sisters & Cousins!}


SO much fun. Such a lovely day to spend at the zoo with a wonderful family!

Of course, before we left we tried for a cousin photo op:








We are slowly learning that it’s virtually impossible to get all three girls to look {let alone smile!} at the camera at the same time. Ah well. At least we tried.


Little O had no problem hamming it up by herself on the horse:









And she even let her sister on for a cute picture as well:










All in all, a fabulous way to spend a beautiful fall Friday!


Counting My Kisses: We had the best time at the zoo with Lala, Chris, Chris’s mom & Cousin M! I’m incredibly thankful that I decided to take our girls, even though I was worried about being out in public while Little O’s in the middle of potty training {turns out I was worried for nothing- she did great!}. We don’t get to spend enough time with Lala, Chris & Cousin M, so it was perfect to wander around the zoo for a few hours with them. It’s great for the girls to spend time together,  and we will cherish all of the memories– we’re so blessed to have our sweet ones grow up together. Thanks for a great day, guys!


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