Dancing in the rain

Just a few pictures… 


to make you smile

And to help you remember

how it feels

to be barefoot & carefree

so excited

about every little adventure

both outside

and inside

your cozy little world

Sometimes you just need to

take it all in

and enjoy the

silver lining

in every day–

even the rainy ones.


Counting My Kisses: It’s hard to say who enjoyed Little O playing in the rain more~ her or me! She was delighted to dance around in the rain, and it made me so happy just to watch her play. A great way to kick off a fun, relaxing weekend. Hope you have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend, I’ll see you back here on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

  1. Had to take the opportunity to swing by while Kellen's snoozing – oh MY is she a DOLL in these pics! (As she always is – but WELL CAPTURED!) Seriously – so stinkin' cute! Give the girls a kiss from me and an extra sloppy one from K. xo

    • Thanks Bridgie! I'm finally getting the hang of the camera…it's so much fun to take pictures of the girls! 🙂 Kisses to your handsome little guys as well, can't wait to see you guys soon! xoxoxo

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