Look-alike sweet girls

Having two little girls 20 months apart can be a little zany. Tons of fun, a little bit of drama {already— the Hubs & I can’t even wrap our brains around the middle/high school years yet!} and lots and lots of clothes.

Which is fine by me, since I happen to love clothes. And I love dressing our girls in cute clothes. It works out quite well.

When we found out that Baby H was a girl during our second pregnancy, we heard a lot of, “Great! You’ll be able to use all of the same clothes!”

Not exactly. Little O checked into this world in May;  Baby H arrived in January. It was 85 degrees outside when we came home from the hospital with Little O; 20 degrees with Baby H.

Slight difference in newborn clothes. Sundresses versus fleece sleepers. Swimsuits versus snowsuits. You get the idea.

We did, however, make sure to pack the same sweet little bear hat for each brand-new daughter to wear at the hospital.

It was their very first article of shared clothing– and in fact, the very first baby thing that the Hubs & I bought when we found that we were expecting.

*~* Brand-new Little O *~*










{May 2009}


*~* Brand-new Baby H *~*








{January 2011}


After the initial spring/summer months passed by, we discovered that Baby H might be able to wear some articles of clothing from Little O’s fall/winter wardrobe.


It makes me smile to see Baby H in a few of our favorite Little-O-as-a-baby outfits. It’s also crazy to compare pictures of the girls side-by-side– they look much more alike than I realized!

What do you think?

*~* Little O *~*







{November 2009~ 6 months old}


*~* Baby H *~*






{October 2011~ 8 months old}




*~* Little O *~*







{October 2009~ 5 months old}


*~* Baby H *~*







{September 2011~ 7 months old}




*~* Little O *~*








{November 2009~ 6 months old}

*~* Baby H *~*










{September 2011~ 7 months old}



And my personal favorite, since both girls are the same age–

*~* Little O *~*









{January 2010~ 8 months old}



*~* And Baby H *~*










{October 2011~ 8 months old}


Fun, don’t you think?! We’re enjoying it while we can, since this blissful seasonal wardrobe overlap will soon come to an end.

We can only hope that the middle school & high school years will go as smoothly with sharing clothes…hey, parents can dream, right?!

Counting My Kisses: I love seeing pictures of Little O as a baby, and realizing how fast she grew up into a walking, talking, extremely active toddler. I look at Baby H and wish that time would slow down– we want to enjoy her time as a baby as much as we can! I do know that I’m treasuring each minute with both of our girls, no matter what age they are at or what they are wearing.


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