A day at the museum

Is there anything cooler than watching your child learn?









Witnessing their little brains engage and explore












A look of determination on their faces…












As they grasp new concepts












And embark upon brand-new adventures.









Yup. It’s pretty darn cool.


Since we’re visiting my parents this week, we took the girls to a fantastic children’s museum in town. We weren’t sure if the girls would be old enough to get anything out of it– and boy, were we pleasantly surprised!

They both loved it! And so did we.


What’s not to love? This place was awesome!

You could drive a train.









Stock up for the week at the grocery store.









Count money at the bank {check out the way Little O is holding the phone– love it!}.









Drive a delivery truck.









Plant & water flowers.









Hang out on an interactive floor mat.









And have lots of fun while learning and exploring.








And that, my friends, is so very, very cool.


Counting My Kisses: The children’s museum was great! If we lived in town, we would definitely have gotten a membership– I think Little O could have grocery shopped and worked at the bank for hours. It was really neat to see Little O’s imagination soar, as well as to watch Baby H engage in so many of the activities. We’ll definitely be back on our next visit to Mimi & Papa’s!


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