Happy weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s been one of those boo-for-feeling-icky-with-a-cold kind of weeks at our house.

Also, a why-did-I-leave-my-toddler-unattended-with-a-full-container-of-Boogie-Wipes kind of week.

And an I-love-posing-for-holiday-pictures-in-the-rain kind of week.

To recap: the girls & I have colds {again! ugh!,} but everyone’s still in pretty good spirits– and still sleeping through the night, thank goodness. The Boogie Wipe fiasco just reminds me that I need to have eyes in the back of my head. And really, snow?! Do you not realize that our toddler is begging for you to arrive? Stop holding out on us!

That was our week. How was yours?

In other news, my blog redesign is finished. WOO! Mandy from Style Me Sweet Designs did an AWESOME job. I’m loving the new big pictures {tip: if they are huge in your email, just click on the blog post link and it will bring you to the site where the pics are perfectly sized!} and the fabulous new layout. Much more user-friendly.

I also love the share buttons at the end of each post, plus the Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest links on the right-hand side. I’m new to the Twitter world, but I’d love to have you follow me– @CountingKisses. I’m working on getting up & running on Pinterest more in the next few weeks as well– let me know if you’re also on Pinterest. So far I really like what I see!

Also, I just finished a post on behalf of the American Cancer Society– check it out here!

We have an enjoyable weekend ahead– we have some VERY fun house guests arriving, we are all super excited! Check back on Monday for a recap of our weekend.

I hope you have a great one! And if you have a moment, please send some snowy thoughts our way for Little O. All she truly wants for Christmas is some snow to play in!

Counting My Kisses: I can’t wait to have a fun weekend with our houseguests & our family! Should be a wonderful time. I’m thankful the girls are {hopefully} on the road to recovery with their colds, and I’m excited about Christmas getting closer and closer. Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!


PS don’t forget to enter into the Winter Wonderland Giveaway— you could win a Kindle Touch or a $50 Amazon gift  card!


2 thoughts on “Happy weekend!

  1. Hope everyone feels better soon! I have gone through so many boxes of tissues when it comes to unattended toddlers…. lol. They actually have to be put up pretty much out of my reach now to keep the climber from getting to them.
    Love the new look!

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