Review: Birdy Sue Sews

I stumbled across an absolute gem on Esty a few months ago.

Many of our friends are having babies right now, so I was looking for some cute burp cloths to send as a gift.

Enter Birdy Sue Sews.










I fell in love with the soft fabrics, the darling patterns & the awesome customer service. Carrie, the shop owner, was more than happy to wrap up my order & send it directly to our friends as a gift.

We heard rave reviews from our friends on the burp cloth set, so of course, I started shopping around on the Birdy Sue Sews site~ and I loved what I saw.

Check out Little O’s newest skirt from the fabulous shop: 

Every time Little O wears it, she gets a million and a half compliments. She lovingly refers to it as her “owl skirt” and begs to wear it almost every day. I’ve actually started hiding it in the closet so she won’t see it every morning!

So, so cute!

Carrie was also nice enough to include a travel blanket for Baby H so I could review both products. Let me tell you~ this blanket had both Baby H & I from the instant we unwrapped it {and look at how cute the wrapping is! Love!}.

The pattern is darling, and it’s backed with a super-soft minky fabric~ perfect for little hands & faces.

And it’s also perfect for snuggling. 

If you are in the market for a unique baby gift, I highly recommend checking out Birdy Sue Sews. You can also check out their new Facebook page for the latest product updates & sale info!

I will definitely be ordering from Birdy Sue Sews again~ I’m really happy with the look and the quality of skirt & blanket, and multiple sets of friends have given us rave reviews on the burp cloths.

Thanks, Birdy Sue Sews!

Counting My Kisses: I’m thankful I had the chance to review these beautiful products~ they obviously were handcrafted with care, and it shows. I always enjoy passing along great finds to my readers, and this is an absolute gem!

{Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this review. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this post are my own.}


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