Sick kiddos

On the ironic heels of our relaxing weekend at home, I woke up Monday morning to a toddler with no voice.

And if you know our Little O, you know this is a big deal.

The girl loves to talk. It’s pretty darn cute~ she talks to her animals, she talks to her toys, she talks on the phone to anyone who calls, she talks to her lovies in bed, she talks to Baby H and the Hubs & I constantly, and she even talks in her sleep.

So the fact that I could barely hear my toddler’s voice on Monday morning was definitely concerning.

A phone call to the pediatrician confirmed my gut feeling: both girls needed to be seen for not being able to clear their 2-week-old ick that seemed to be turning into a secondary infection.

The catch? The only available appointment was at 2:45 p.m. Right in the middle of naptime.

I weighed my options: wait another day to be seen or throw the nap schedule off? My instincts said that the girls needed to be seen~ especially with Little O’s lack of voice and rattling breathing~ so I rolled the dice and confirmed the mid-afternoon appointment.

And I’m glad I did. The verdict? Ear infection for Baby H, sinus infection {and lots of chest ick} for Little O. Antibiotics for everyone!

The actual trip? Not so fabulous.

There weren’t any major meltdowns {aka tears and/or flailing body parts}, but two sick, cranky little kiddos in a doctor’s office in the middle of the afternoon~ when they are supposed to be napping~ is definitely a recipe for disaster. And most certainly a recipe for a sweaty, flustered mommy.

But we made it. And we even managed to get home in time for a late afternoon nap. Hard to say who needed it more, the girls or me!

The Hubs & I are keeping a close eye on the girls~ especially Little O’s chest ick~ and hoping that in a few days, we’ll have our giggling, smiling, two-peas-in-a-pod little girls back. 

Feel better soon, pumpkins!

Counting My Kisses: We’ve started the girls on their antibiotics and we’re hoping they are on the road to recovery soon! In the meantime, it’s nice to have a few extra snuggles & cuddles from both of our sweet, sleepy little girls.


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4 thoughts on “Sick kiddos

  1. Do they still give children that neon pink bubble gum flavored medicine? That's the only good thing I remember about being sick when I was little. Hope the girls feel better soon!

    • Lynn, they DO still give flavored medicine, but it's super fabulous now~ you can pick your own flavoring! This round of antibiotics, Little O has cherry & Baby H has apple. 🙂 I also fondly remember the pink bubble gum flavored medicine from our childhoods! Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear that little O and little H are under the weather. I do, however,, remember those "sick days", somewhat with a smile. Everything seemed to slow down, while I just paid attention to making my babies happy and content. Nothing was rushed to get things done. Sometimes, it takes a day like that to truly understand what is really important. Snuggle and hold them, as much as they want, and I am sure everyone will be on the road to recovery real soon. Mommy needs to make sure she gets her rest too.

    • Aunt Diann, love your comments! You are right, the sick days are tough, but it IS nice to slow the pace down & just focus on keeping the babies happy. Lots of snuggles, books and movies this week~ but I've loved every minute! I do think the girls are finally on the road to recovery as well, thank goodness. Thanks for the well wishes!

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