Weekend road trip

Hello, friends!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

The Hubs & I decided at the last minute to take a little road trip with the girls this weekend. We were invited to an after-the-baby baby shower/college friends get-together a few hours away, but thanks to winter weather and sick kiddos the past few weeks, we stayed on the fence until Thursday night.

When the overwhelming need to A). get out of the house {me}, B). take the girls on an adventure {the Hubs} and C). not miss the opportunity to see family & our college friends~ and their babies!~ {both of us} won out over the impracticalities of traveling with two toddlers, it was a done deal.

On Saturday morning, we packed up the CRV with everything we needed for an overnight, as well as the two girls and the two dogs {we’re watching my in-law’s dog for a few days}. You can do the math~ our CRV seats five and technically, six people/dogs needed a spot. The girls & their carseats rule the back, so that left the Hubs & I and two dogs in the front seat.

Lilly insisted on “helping” the Hubs steer…

and Rylie was sitting so close to me that I had to buckle her in with my seat belt. 

Oy. A minivan has been added to the Must Buy Soon list.

Luckily, it was only a 200-mile trip, so we were at Cousin M’s house before we knew it!

The girls settled right in & started playing. Of course, Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 would rather unpack my diaper bag than play with any of the toys…

And continuing on the trend of Playing With Things That Aren’t Toys, Cousin M showed our girls the piano. 

It was a hit~ the girls absolutely loved it. 

So fun!

Also so fun? Getting together with lots of fabulous college friends & their little ones. It was loud, crazy and such a blast to see everyone.

And you have never seen so many adorable little kiddos in one room at the same time! Seriously, the cuteness was out of control.

We had to make an untimely exit from the party {massive Little O meltdown due to a not-big-enough cake slice}, but it was absolutely worth the drive to catch up with our friends for a few hours. Get-togethers like Saturday make you realize both how far you’ve come in life since college, and how time can strengthen friendships if you keep putting in the effort.

And that, my friends, is just an awesome way to spend a weekend.

Hope yours was equally wonderful!

Counting My Kisses: I’m so thankful we had a chance to visit with family & friends this weekend! It was such a blessing to see all of these wonderful new babies that have been added into the circle. Thanks for the great new memories, friends! Can’t wait to do it again soon!



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