5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without {Listable Life}

Hi, friends!

I’m linking up with Nicole at the Moments that Define Life blog today. If you haven’t checked out Nicole’s site yet, you definitely should. She’s fun, witty & honest~ each post is always a breath of fresh air!

Today’s topic is another great one: What are 5 things that you can’t live without? 

Here we go!

1. Family

My little family. 

The family I was born into {with my brother-in-laws, of course}. 

And the family I married into. 

Love, love love them all. And all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and other assorted & fabulous loved ones not pictured? Yup. Couldn’t live without them either.

2. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Confession: I eat a bowl of ice cream every.single.night after the girls go to bed. Usually I can talk the Hubs into joining me, but if I have to, I’ll eat it solo. Apparently it’s just something I do. A high-calorie thing, unfortunately. But boy, oh boy, do I love it

3. Techy stuff. 

The Hubs & I are not the early adaptor type. I’m not a techy kind of person, and so help me God, if it wasn’t for Google, my wonderful blog designer & the amazingly helpful guidance of the SITS Girls, I would be completely lost in the big, wide blogging world.

Now that we’ve established I’m barely keeping it together on the tech end, let me just say that I have a very strong love for my Mac computer. My phone is a close second {although it drives me a tidge crazy sometimes} and my Kindle is a solid third. 

Could I live without any of my techy stuff? Absolutely. Would I be happy about it? Let’s try to never find out.

4. Little girl giggles. 

I wish I could bottle the giggle fits of my little girls so I could savor it for years & years to come. It’s one of the things that makes me happiest in life, and I honestly don’t think I could survive without hearing their sweet laughter ringing out every day. 

Now that they are old enough to play with each other, the best is when they start the giggle fits together. It’s like food for my soul hearing those sweet giggles. Especially when one child’s giggles start the other child’s giggles and a cascade of giggling ensues. 

Love, love love.

5. Hugs from the Hubs.

Starting back when we were dating in college, the Hubs could brighten even the worst day. He’s almost a foot taller than me, so he wraps me into a big bear hug, lifts me off the ground and attacks my neck with kisses until I can’t stop laughing and beg him to put me down.

There. Instant de-grumpification. And I couldn’t~ wouldn’t~ want to live without that. Or more specifically, without him. 

How about you? What’s something that you can’t live without? Share one thing or all five in the comments section~ and have a great day!

Oh and if you’re in the mood to check out my other Listable Life posts, you can browse through them right here: 

Counting My Kisses: There are so many things that also belong on this list~ friends, for example, and faith. Writing. Reading. Laughing. Taking walks in the sunshine with my kids and husband. The list goes on and on and on. I feel beyond blessed that I have so many things that encompass my life and add so many different dimensions to it. How about you?


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