Daddy~Daughter Love

A pleasant little surprise occurred at dinner the other night.

Out of the blue, Little O inquired how the Hubs’ day was at work.

He paused slightly & looked at me out of the corner of his eye before giving her a big smile and saying, “it was good, sweetie! Busy. Daddy has a very long To Do list right now.”

Little O tilted her sweet blonde head to the side and said, “talk about it, Daddy.”

The Hubs paused a beat again, searching her little face.

I have to admit, I was curious too~ this was something new from her. We spend our days~ mealtimes included~ recapping Disney movies, reliving favorite moments from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and talking about life highlights like going on the Polar Express or our trip to the beach over the summer.

This present-day life inquiry was a first. The Hubs rolled with it.

“Let’s see,” the Hubs began. “I drove to work when it was still dark out. You and Mommy and Baby H were still sleeping.”

Little O nodded.

“And on my drive, I saw FOUR DEER in our neighborhood.”

Cue an audible gasp from Little O.

“Four DEER, Daddy?!” she squealed. “Was BAMBI there?!?!”

“Um…I didn’t see Bambi,” he continued. “But I think I saw some of his friends.”

“Like Flower and Thumper?” she supplied helpfully. “Maybe Bambi was still sleeping.”

“Probably,” the Hubs replied, nodding in agreement.

“That’s nice,” said Little O, giving him a big smile. “What else, Daddy?”

“Once I got to work, I worked really hard on a bunch of important things until my first meeting, ” he said, watching her closely.

Little O nodded, her chin in her hands. She was transfixed.

“What’s next on your list, Daddy?”

“Let’s see…next I had a meeting,” the Hubs continued. “And then another meeting and ANOTHER meeting!”

“WOW Daddy!” exclaimed Little O. “What’s next?”

“Hmmm. Well, next I was hungry, so I had lunch.”

“What did you eat, Daddy?”

At this point, I sat back in my chair, amazed at the interaction between the two of them.

At 2 years & 9 months old, Little O gets that her daddy is “at work” Monday through Friday. What our Little O doesn’t get is what on earth her daddy does when he’s away~ thus, apparently, the detailed questioning.

I tuned back in just in time to hear them agree that they both love pizza, it was a delicious lunch option, and that Daddy wishes he could take a nap every afternoon, just like she & Baby H do.

Watching the two of them made my heart smile. And it made it hurt just a tiny bit too.

Where did this baby go?

When the Hubs held our sweet oldest daughter, just a few days old, did he dream of the day that they’d have detailed dinner conversations? When she’d giggle with him and say, “Oh, that’s so silly, Daddy!”? That they would compare notes over what they ate for lunch?

Did he dream of the days that he’d take her for swims in the ocean? Show her how to build sandcastles?Β 

And to teach her how to dance through life instead of walk; to shoot for the moon instead of just the stars?Β 

It’s hard to believe that Little O has been in our lives almost three years; Baby H a little over a year already. They are growing into wonderful little people right before our very eyes.

Experiences like dinner the other night are wake-up calls to the Hubs & I that these sweet little ones are absorbing every single thing in front of them~ and in Little O’s case, trying to fit in the pieces that she has noticed are missing, like time when Daddy is at work.

Incredible. Amazing. And a tiny bit bittersweet, just like each new step of parenting.

Counting My Kisses: The Hubs will have lots of time for Daddy~ Daughter moments with the girls this weekend, since I’m heading to St. Louis while he holds down the fort. I’m honored to be a guest at a beloved family friend’s wedding, and excited to spend time with family & friends in good ‘ol St. Louie. I also can’t wait to come home, hug my lovies and hear all about the great Weekend of Daddy Time! I’m sure there will be a few fun & funny stories to share.

Hope your weekend is fabulous, friends! See you back here on Monday!


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