Meet me in St. Louis

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!

I just rolled in from a 500+ mile road trip from St. Louis. The Hubs enjoyed some quality Daddy~Daughter bonding time with the girls so I could make the trip with my sister Jenna {thanks, babe!}.

The highlights?

The Anheuser Busch tour.

Now that’s a fun brewery tour. They have horses!! Lots of {huge} gorgeous Clydesdales~ Little O would have loved them. 

They also have adorable dalmatians. I just wanted to hug them they were so cute!

The campus sports some pretty cool looking buildings, like the Brew House: 

And lets not forget beer. They certainly do that well at Anheuser Busch! 

It was a really, really fun weekend. Jenna & I had lots of time to hang out & catch up on our long drive, which is always awesome. We met our parents in St. Louis on Friday afternoon for the brewery tour and didn’t slow down until we headed out of town Sunday morning.

We were able to sneak in a few sightseeing stops…

…before enjoying the main event: witnessing this gorgeous couple tie the knot. Love them!

Congrats to the newlyweds~ your happiness & love touched every single person at your wedding. It’s wonderful when two amazing people decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

A big thank you to my parents for hanging out with Jenna & I all weekend…we had a blast with you both!


after a wonderful weekend of dancing & sightseeing & toasting to the happy couple, I was pretty darn excited to arrive home just in time for bedtime snuggles & kisses from our sweet girls. And a happy husband, {mostly} refreshed from his time with our little ones.

The perfect ending to a simply lovely weekend.

Counting My Kisses: Even though I clocked over 1,000 miles in four days, it was well worth it! St. Louis is such a fun town, and it was a blessing to spend time with my parents & Jenna while celebrating the beautiful newlyweds. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well~ stay tuned for a fun week ahead! 


4 thoughts on “Meet me in St. Louis

  1. Such a great wedding a fun weekend! I am glad that we were each others dates!! I’m sure those girlies are non stop smiling having their Momma home! 🙂

  2. Amy and Jenna ~~~ such a wonderful weekend with you both. You are so right === so much fun to explore a new city together. As well, we feel so privledged to witness such a sweet and lovely wedding ceremony for the newlyweds. That was such a touching wedding. The joy of starting a new life together was a pleasure to see. Thanks so much to both of you for going!!

    • Thanks Mom. 🙂 So true…what’s better that witnessing the beginning of a new life journey together? 🙂 Thanks for a great weekend!

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