The last day of winter

This is what the last day of winter looks like at our house:

Do you see their happy faces? They’re thrilled because 65-degree days are in our extended forecast.

They are smiling because playing in the snow is fun. Especially when you know it’s not going to last for another day. 

And I’m smiling because our Dozer is still a Dozer, even in the snow. 

And because the concept of mittens and non-workable thumbs completely flabbergasted Baby H. She couldn’t figure out how to pick up the shovel at all, poor thing. 

And because soon, oh-so-soon, Little O will be able to ride her bike without snowpants or boots or a hat or a coat. 

I’m smiling because it was a good winter.

Yes, it was never-ending at times {especially on week #694893840585 of sickies}. But when things are wrapping up, I tend to get a bit nostalgic.

Goodbye, winter. We’ll see you again around early December, just in time for a light snow for the holidays. We’ll talk fondly of you between now and then, I promise. Thanks for the memories~ it sure was a great season for us.

Feel free to send in the warm sunshine on your way out!

Counting My Kisses: Technically, I’m pretty sure that winter doesn’t “officially” end for another week or two. However, we’re totally done with it at our house. My springy Easter decorations are up; all of the snowflakes & snowmen have been packed away until next year. We’re thinking spring & so excited to see what adventures this new season has in store!

What are you most looking forward to about spring?? Have a great day!


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