5 Things I’d Do If Money Were No Object {listable life}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today’s listable life topic is a fun one:

5 Things I’d Do If Money Were No Object

Here we go!

1. Buy our college pep band some awesome uniforms. 

First things first: we love our college. Adore our college, in fact. And the pep band rocks. Like, life-of-the-party-at-the-basketball-games kind of rock.

Their uniforms, however? Not nearly as awesome as this talented group of individuals.

The Hubs & I have always joked {especially when ESPN shoots close-ups during basketball games} that if we were ever gazillionaires, we’d buy the entire band fabulous new uniforms.

Slightly random? Yes. But hey, when you’re a gazillionaire, that’s your prerogative, right??


2. Visit really cool places. 

Have I mentioned the Hubs & I love to travel?

Visiting awesome places {like Santorini, Greece {above}~ my favorite spot in the world} is something we have a blast doing together, and we’re excited to instill that love of travel in our girls as well.

What better way than to see the world? The Hubs’ current Wish List includes month-long visits to Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. I’d like to hit somewhere warm & tropical {Turks & Caicos, perhaps?} for the winter months & then jet off to fun places like Australia and New Zealand.

Good thing the jet lag wouldn’t be an issue since we’d have our own private plane and all. And luckily we’d be so wealthy that we’d have a private tutor for the girls, just to ensure that they’d be getting an excellent book education in addition to their real-life education from around the world.

3. Family vacation home 

My side of the family is rather spread out over a few states, so I’d also buy a sweet vacation house somewhere in a central location. A few hours in the car {or private plane, see above} for everyone and volia! We’re all together & having a blast. I’ve always loved lake homes~ swimming, playing in the sand, boat rides, sunning, cookouts & campfires~ doesn’t that sound heavenly?!

Source: salelahome.com via Tia on Pinterest


Plus, the Hubs & his brother-in-laws could finally get that pickup truck that they all desperately want but can’t justify buying at the moment. The family vacation home is a perfect spot to store that lovely man toy.

4. Get really involved in charity work

Whether it’s fundraising at Little O & Baby H’s {future} grade school or doing something BIG for a national organization, charity work is something I’d love to get more involved in. Obviously if money was no object we could also donate significantly to so many more worthwhile causes, which would be amazing.

But I’d love to be a part of it too~ a dream of mine is helping students with their college essays/resumes/etc. Teaching teenagers basic proofreading skills & helping to set them up for a successful future is something I would really enjoy.


5. Not change a thing for Little O & Baby H’s childhoods

Yes, unlimited resources would be amazing. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to never have to say “no” to yourself or your children.

But…if money were no object…

I’d still want to spend my days getting sticky hugs & kisses from my sweet girls.

I’d still want to go for nightly stroller walks with the whole family in tow every day during the spring & summer.

I’d still want to paint Little O’s fingers & toes with bright pink polish, and slurp imaginary soup out of Baby H’s mixing cups.

I’d still want their weekly highlight to be a trip to our local ice cream stand. 

No matter what…

I wouldn’t miss a minute and I wouldn’t change a thing.


How about you? What would you do if money wasn’t an object? Share in the comments section below!

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Counting My Kisses: Thanks to Nicole at the Moments that Define Life blog for another super fab listable life linkup! It’s so fun to think about what you’d do with unlimited resources…the list is truly endless. It makes me thankful for what we DO have as well. No private plane to jet off on, but we do have lots of love and laughter, which is something that you just can’t put a price on.

Have a great one!


6 thoughts on “5 Things I’d Do If Money Were No Object {listable life}

  1. The vacations would definitely be high up on my list. I would love to travel to Europe. A vacation home would definitely be nice too. Great list, I love the part about the band uniforms.

    • Thanks Julia! Vacations are the best, aren’t they? Trips to cool places, relaxing at a vacation home…ahh it all sounds so wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I wish I would have thought about the vacation home! That’s a fabulous idea! We watch house hunters all the time and wonder how so many people can afford these second, very expensive vacation homes – it’s amazing! Totally on our list if we strike it rich one day. And I love your #5 – keeping it down to earth and real for your kids is important. Money should never change that. Well written!

    • Nicole~ we watch House Hunters and wonder the exact same thing! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the list, especially #5. So important to keep it real for the kids! 🙂

    • Erin~ LOL! What can I say, the uniforms have bothered us for YEARS! And boys and their trucks…sigh. I know you’re right with me on that one! 🙂 xoxo

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