Tiny wonders

Say hello to the tiny wonders at our house. 

Every day, these little girls amaze us with their personalities, their determination, their love of life.

We haven’t hit the “major” childhood accomplishments yet. We haven’t tackled spelling bees or swim meets, select soccer tryouts or even {gulp} college application essays.

All in good time.

For now, we are marveling in the achievements of our small but fantastic daughters.

Little O is turning three in May. She has come a long way in the past 34 months. I’m floored when I think of all the ground that she has covered in such a short time.

Eating solids.

Crawling. Walking. Talking {lots of talking!}.

Becoming a loving big sister.

Starting Mommy-and-me preschool.

And most recently, making the transition into a big girl bed

That’s a lot of awesomeness wrapped up into just a few short years. Not that we haven’t had our fair share of struggles~ temper tantrums, frustrating days and long nights~ because we definitely have.

In general though, I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden Little O is a walking, talking little girl with an extremely active imagination and a strong love of country music.

How did that happen?!

And then we have our sweet Baby H.

I started blogging when she was four months old {she’s fourteen months now}. Many of you have been with us as we experienced our Dozer girl roll over, sit up, crawl everywhere and just this week, walk on her own.

This little girl is action-packed. Full of energy and determined to keep up with her big sister at all costs.

I adore her spirit. She has a sparkle in her eyes that always makes me smile. And she simply dares you to stop her bulldozing of everything, everywhere, at all times.


We’re at the stage in life where Little O & Baby H’s accomplishments are starting to become their very own. Eating solids? They kind of needed the Hubs & I for that one. First toe dip in the ocean? Again, parental guidance required.

But walking? Sleeping through the night in a big girl bed? Starting preschool?

All things that our tiny wonders accomplished on their own.

We prepare them as best as we can for these milestones. Encourage them, inspire them, paint vivid pictures and demonstrate grandly these achievements that are at their feet.

But ultimately, it’s up to our little ones to decide when to fly. When it’s time to leave the safety of their crib or the comfort of crawling. When they’re ready to let go of our hands and take on their adventures solo.

I know as the girls get older, these achievements will get bigger. But today, I’m taking the time to celebrate our tiny wonders for all that they’ve accomplished so far in their lives. We couldn’t be prouder of our daughters than we are at this moment in time.

Bravo, sweet girls. Here’s to a job well done.

Counting My Kisses: It brings the Hubs & I so much joy each day to witness our girls learning & exploring, growing & loving. Watching Little O work on her sign language from preschool or laughing as Baby H does a happy dance…these are the things that make our world complete right now. What about you?

Have a great weekend!




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