5 reasons I married my husband {listable life}

Happy Listable Life day!

I’m linking up with Moments that Define Life blog today to discuss an especially fabulous topic: 5 reasons I married my husband.

Ready to dive in? Here we go!

5 Reasons I Married the Hubs 

1. Balance

The Hubs & I have always balanced each other out, even when we started dating in college. The Hubs is an engineer and I’m firmly in the writer/PR/marketing camp, so to say we live in different worlds is an understatement.

He wakes up at 4:45 a.m. to go into work because he likes the peace & quiet of getting things done in the morning. I stay up past midnight most nights, because I like the solitude of getting things done when everyone else is sleeping.

He’s a thinker and a planner, full of logic. I tend to go with my heart on most things~ logic doesn’t usually {ever} play into the equation when I’m making decisions.

We’re different sides of the coin for sure, but somehow, that works in our favor. He helps to keep me structured, and I help pull him back to Earth when he needs it.

Balance makes the world go round…especially at our house.

2. Thoughtfulness

Ready for my I-know-this-is-the-man-I’m-going-to-marry moment?

Our junior year in college, the Hubs went on a trip to DC with a bunch of our friends over President’s Day weekend. They were going to cheer on our basketball team, and I unfortunately was already committed to a sorority function on campus & couldn’t go too.

The night he came back from his trip, the Hubs came over to hang out for a while. He had with him a present that he picked up while he was in DC.

Incredulously~ I couldn’t believe he had brought me a gift!~ I opened up the box…and found the most fabulous pair of black Steve Madden dress shoes.


{not exactly the shoes, but they were the closest I could find!}

I was floored. I had mentioned offhandedly a few weeks earlier that I needed new dress shoes, and apparently the Hubs had been listening. His friends told him it was too risky picking out shoes for his girlfriend, but he was calm & cool about the whole thing. He even called my house from DC to have one of my roommates sneakily check my closest & confirm my shoe size.

Best.boyfriend.ever? I think so!

And let me tell you…I loved those shoes. Not only were they adorable and exactly what I would have picked out myself, I loved what they stood for as well. Those shoes meant the Hubs was 1. listening to me, even when I was babbling about shoes 2. Not afraid to do sweet things and 3. He had great taste.

Those black shoes still live at the bottom of my closet, much too worn to wear out in public these days. But I can’t seem to part with them. One day I’ll show the shoes to the girls & tell them what a sweet guy their daddy was~ and still is.

3. I knew he’d be a great dad.

And he is such an amazing dad~ even better than I could have imagined, and I have to say, I had really high expectations.

The Hubs makes time for the girls in any way that he can. He can build Lego zoos, play dress-up and cook in their play kitchen without missing a beat.

My favorite thing is to watch him read with the girls at bedtime~ everyone snuggled up together on the rocking chair, pointing at pictures and giggling. The Hubs even has fun reading voices that the girls adore, making the whole thing that much sweeter to watch.

The Hubs works long days, but he makes the nights & weekends count. Little O is his partner on Saturday mornings~ they run errands together, which is a tradition that started with the Hubs & his dad when the Hubs was little.

He also does his best to make it home for dinner every night so we can eat together as a family. This means a lot to all of us~ including Little O, who loves to interrogate the Hubs about his day.

It’s pretty amazing to watch the guy you fell in love with so many years ago embrace this new role of fatherhood with such open arms. Seeing the Hubs as a dad makes me love him even more

4. He’s tons of fun.

From jello wrestling to vacationing to just sitting around analyzing the Shark Tank, the Hubs is so much fun to be with. We can have fun on a roadtrip with two cranky kiddos; we can have a blast just sitting on our front porch eating ice cream & talking about life.

The specifics of where we are or what we’re doing aren’t usually important~ we like to be together, and we like to laugh. Although our version of “fun” has changed dramatically in the past few years {check out our heyday of coolness here}, we still manage to find a way to add fun into our everyday lives.

I happen to think it’s the best thing ever to be married to someone who always can make you smile, don’t you? {Plus, isn’t he so cute?!}

5. Preparedness

I’ve often joked that our lives are planned out on Excel spreadsheets~ and it’s the truth. Starting when we got engaged, every main life event~ wedding, Greece vacation, Little O & Baby H’s arrivals, even the new camera purchase from last summer~ has been mapped out on Excel.

This is how the Hubs works best, and I’ve {gasp!| actually come to love & embrace the Excel spreadsheets. It helps us stay organized and on the same page, ensuring that we’re both working towards the same goal.

Other lessons in preparedness? Before the births of each of our daughters, we have 1. upped our life insurance and 2. refinanced our house. Like clockwork {as in…I’ve been hugely pregnant signing lots of paperwork not once but twice!}. I refer to this as the Hubs’ “nesting.”

He likes to be prepared. The Hubs goes to great lengths to make sure that our family is taken care of, and I couldn’t appreciate that more. Even though I do roll my eyes sometimes when he fires up Excel, I’m incredibly thankful that he makes preparing our family’s future such a priority.

Those are just a few of the many reasons I married my husband. What about you? Share why you married your spouse in the comments section below and have a GREAT day!

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Counting My Kisses:  I’m incredibly thankful for my husband. The day he proposed, I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world~ getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend? Such a blessing. With a lot of luck, love, faith & patience, we’ve built a wonderful life with two amazing little daughters. I’m so appreciative of his wonderful man~ I can’t imagine a day without you! I love you.


8 thoughts on “5 reasons I married my husband {listable life}

    • KRB Reynolds~ thanks! I do love that the Hubs appreciates my love of shoes, so glad we have that in common! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Nikki~ I know, right?! The shoe thing was definitely the wow-I’m-going-to-marry-you moment. So fun! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Nicole! I love the picture of the Hubs reading to the girls too. And I’ve gotten used to the Excel spreadsheets, but they are a HUGE running joke in our extended family! 🙂

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