Happy Easter!

It has been a fun & eventful week at Mimi & Papa’s house. The girls & I have had a blast, and we’re so thankful that we were able to spend time with lots of family & friends!

On Thursday, my parents & I took the girls to a greenhouse for Easter pictures. It was a gorgeous setting to take spring pictures~ provided, of course, that the girls actually felt like taking spring pictures {not so much}.

Luckily, we did manage to get quite a few keepers~ check out a few of my faves below! 

Of course, I also have lots of fabulous disaster shots of the girls {check out our Christmas card photo shoot to give you a taste of the chaos}, so stay tuned for that post next week! It’s going to make you laugh for sure {Baby H may or may not be in a headlock in one shot…}.

In the meantime, I wish you & your family a blessed Easter weekend!

Counting My Kisses: I can’t believe our week at Mimi & Papa’s is already at an end! The girls & I will be heading back home on Saturday to spend Easter with the Hubs, Grammy & Grampy {keep your fingers crossed for a smooth ride…}. A big thank-you to my parents for such a fun week, and to all of our friends & family as well. Have a great weekend, all~ see you back here on Monday!


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