Easter Fun

Hi, friends!

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Our weekend was action-packed. The girls & I headed home on Saturday morning after a super fun week at Mimi & Papa’s. I had mentally prepared myself for the 465-mile drive with the girls, but let’s be serious, can you really prepare yourself for 47 bathroom stops with your potty-trained toddler?

47 might be a slight exaggeration. But only slight.

I’m not going to break my I-don’t-talk-about-poop-on-the-blog rule {the poop-ball incident being the only exception, of course}. But that means I can’t talk about the trip at all, because apparently pooping was ALL my kiddos wanted to do in the car.


Luckily, even though Saturday was a disaster, our Easter Sunday was wonderful. We clean up pretty well, no? {Do we look exhausted? This was after Baby H’s Tiny-Tornado-In-Hyperdrive performance in church, which left all of us needing a nap!}.

An Easter highlight for the girls was the Easter egg hunt that Grampy & Grammy had set up in their living room. Little O was so excited about hunting for Easter eggs, she could hardly contain her excitement! 

And Baby H loves to mimic anything & everything Little O does, so she was pretty excited about searching for Easter eggs too.

Baby H also was allowed to play with Little O’s discarded Easter eggs….there were quite a few to enjoy! 

All in all, a lovely Easter. How was your holiday?

Stay tuned for a really fun week ahead~ and have a GREAT day!

Counting My Kisses: Easter is such a special holiday to me. I’m so thankful we had such a nice {although slightly crazy} day with the girls. They loved their special Easter eggs too, and I know that as they get older, they will mean so much to them, just like my keepsake eggs mean the world to me. I hope your Easter was memorable & fun!


2 thoughts on “Easter Fun

  1. Your Easter pictures were precious. Where do you buy the beautiful dresses that your little girls wear? One is more precious than the next. Grammy and Pop Pop sure do make their grandchildren’s holidays very special. How nice that you are all so close. We had a lovely Easter, also. Any time spent with the family is memorable.

    • Thanks Aunt Diann! 🙂 I have a soft spot for sweet little girl dresses, I think… 🙂 Wonderful to hear that you & the family had a lovely Easter as well. Lots of love to you all! xoxoxo

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