Spring shenanigans

Hello, friends!

How was your weekend? Ours was really, really fun.

For starters, our weather has finally turned back to warm & springy. Poor Baby H was extremely confused on Wednesday when it started snowing….

but luckily, by Sunday we had packed our winter coats & hats away for good. Three cheers for the warm sunshine! 

Our weekend of fun started out on Friday night with an exotic animal show at Little O’s preschool. Let me preface this by saying there are no pictures of this event, because I was paralyzed with fear over being in the same vicinity as a snake {and having my children also in the same vicinity magnified that fear to Crazytown level}. Just typing it out makes my scalp tingle. Ick.

Turns out there were two snakes featured in the show. I can’t really tell you much about them, since I was hiding in the back of the room watching Baby H {who was completely destroying everything in her path & for once, I welcomed the distraction}.

The Hubs informed me that one of the snakes was a 9-foot albino boa constrictor named Spongebob. All of the preschoolers seemed to think it was the coolest thing ever. I’m sure Spongebob is a nice snake and all, but I was much more comfortable avoiding any type of eye contact with him whatsoever. And yes, I’m totally fine with 3-year-olds being braver than me.

We went out for ice cream afterwards to forget about being in the same room as a 9-foot boa constrictor. It was all sorts of wonderful {and it totally worked~ no snake nightmares for me Friday night!}.

Also on the Fabulous List from this weekend?

An awesome date night with the Hubs. Getting most of the house cleaned & the laundry done. Having a {marginally} better week in church than Easter Sunday.

And…having lots & lots of outside play time. 

Love, love LOVE!

What were you up to this weekend? Hope it was fun & relaxing…just like the moment Lil & Baby H are having here:

I think my heart just melted.

We have lots of fun things in store this week, including a giveaway that you will NOT want to miss! Have a great day, friends!

Counting My Kisses: We have a busy few weeks coming up, so a relaxing weekend at home was just what the doctor ordered. The kids were positively delightful to watch playing in the grass~ they were rolling, chasing and giggling up a storm. Hard to say who had more fun~ the girls playing, or the Hubs & I watching & playing along. We are so blessed!


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