5 things I wish I had the guts to do {listable life}

Happy listable life day, friends!

I’m linking up with Nicole at Moments that Define Life to tackle life in list form. I just love listable life days, don’t you?

Today’s topic is a good one:

5 Things I Wish I Had the Guts To Do

Check out my list & then leave your own in the comment section!

1. Star in a Broadway musical.

Maybe it’s my newfound love of the show Smash. Maybe it’s the big 3-0 milestone looming ahead & the desire to want to do something BIG. Maybe it’s just me being crazy {okay, it’s definitely me being crazy}.

But…I’ve always wanted to be in a Broadway musical. And not just be in it~ star in it, too {go big or go home, right?}.

Be a star like Glinda in Wicked. Dolly in Hello, Dolly! Maria in West Side Story. You get the picture. Headliner. In Times Square. New York, New York, baby.


However, for this particular dream, I not only need guts, but also singing & dancing talent. Which is why this dream is going to stay precisely that: a dream.

2. Watch scary movies

I used to watch scary movies. I really did. And I didn’t mind being scared while watching them~ it was all in good fun, right?


Until I saw Saw I on Halloween weekend while the Hubs & I were dating. The Hubs can attest to the fact that I was drenched in a panicked sweat & completely freaked out when that movie was over.

I didn’t sleep for weeks. And each and every blasted Halloween, when either another Saw sequel comes out or FX plays a Saw marathon, I want to run for the hills & come out when the Christmas commercials come back on.

Sigh. One day I’ll venture back into the scary movie genre. Maybe when the girls are in college…

3. Snakes

The Hubs really wants to go on an African safari one day. He thinks it would be awesome, especially since Little O adores giraffes & elephants & such.

The major issue? My completely crippling fear of snakes.

I cannot handle them. Thinking about them, talking about them, looking at them…it’s an unnatural fear that has completely escalated as I’ve gotten older. {Just ask my family about a rafting trip at Yosemite when I was a teenager. The guide said “possibility of water snakes” and I wouldn’t budge from the center of the raft for the entire rest of the trip}.

Little O knows I’m terrified of snakes. We steer clear of them at the zoo. Heck, I even avoided them like the plague at her preschool function over the weekend. I’m not afraid to make a complete idiot out of myself, so long as I don’t have to set eyes/go near the icky things.

I wish I had the guts to face this fear head on…because really, an African safari does sound kind of cool.

On second thought, maybe just a nice trip to snake-free Europe would be just as fun?

4. Publish a book

This is a lifelong dream of mine. And unfortunately, this one of kind of out of my hands, because in order to publish a book, I need to find an agent & a publisher that are willing to publish my book.

I also need to find the guts to put myself out there. It’s a hard thing, letting go of one of your proverbial babies and letting the experts judge it. Letting them decide if it’s good enough.

You put a lot on the line when you get published. It’s like blogging, only on an even bigger scale. I hope that when the time comes and if by some miracle, I’m ever tapped by the powers that be for a book deal, I would have the guts to follow through & rock it.

5. Live in the moment without fear

On a deeper level, isn’t this something that we all strive for?

On a more day-to-day level, I would love to get through just ONE hour of playing outside without a panicked fear that Baby H is going to wipe out mid-toddle and crack her head open. Or that Little O is going to fall off her tricycle and break her arm.

You get the idea. All of a sudden there is a huge world out there for the girls to explore, and I’m learning that I can’t keep them as safe as I want to.

Hello, panic.

But then again…if I was able to set those fears aside, that wouldn’t really be motherhood, would it?


What about you? What would you do if you had the guts? Share in the comment section below!

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Counting My Kisses: Another great listable life week! This topic really made me think. It’s good to have fears, because like that quote says~ it means we’re growing. Striving to achieve things. Becoming better people. I want to teach our girls that fear is okay, but it’s important to not let that fear take over your life. No guts, no glory, right?

Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “5 things I wish I had the guts to do {listable life}

  1. Amy, I have no doubt that I’ll one day read your memoir titled “My Life on Broadway: I Totally Rocked It” which will feature you on the cover holding a large snake

    • Sarah~ yes! We should both bite the bullet & write those books! Maybe if we somehow added an extra few hours to each day…? 🙂 So happy you stopped by!

  2. ugh. snakes. can’t stand the things. and i’ve never been able to watch real scary movies either. I Know What You Did Last Summer is ok, but anything more real than that, forget it. I think everyone should get to star in a Broadway musical. I loved musicals growing up (still do) and see nothing wrong with wanting to go through life singing and dancing about everything. It would be fabulous

    • KTB~ I’m totally with you! I think everyone would be SO much happier if we could just break into song & dance every now & then. Love that thought! So happy you stopped by!

  3. Oh I haven’t been able to watch a scary movie since The Blair Wich Project (and that wasn’t even all that scary), I blame my over active imagination. I would love to write a book, too but then there is that whole problem with getting it published, lol. I wish when I was younger I had, had the guts to move out of my home state, thought now that I have a family of my own it is wonderful to be close to my family and friends.

    • Julia~ oooh The Blair Witch Project! I haven’t thought about that one in years, that scared the daylights out of me too! The creep factor was huge in it! It’s my darn over-active imagination too…it has ruined scary movies for me. 🙂

  4. Blech to snakes. Everytime we have to move I have to google whether or not there are snakes there. We had a friend walk into her kitchen one time to snakes slithering around. Blech, blech, blech. I would have moved the next day.

    My husband loves Horror movies. I dislike them. Anything that I will lose sleep over, is out of the question.

  5. #5 is such a biggie for me …. I really have so much work to do on that one. As for the publishing a book – what you don’t realize is you’re actually working on that goal already because half the battle in the publishing world these days is building a platform (ie a reader base) which you are doing through your blog. By connecting with people online you are building an audience that will ultimately be invested in you in the long run and that will help you with your goal. So have confidence that you are taking those steps already 😉 You can do it!!

    • Nicole~ yes! I like the way you are thinking with the building an audience for a book. It is SO great to remember that I am actually working towards that goal, even when I don’t feel like that’s the case. Thanks for the encouragement!

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