Giveaway: My Tot Clock

Well, friends, it has been exactly one month since Little O moved into her big girl bed.

And while it hasn’t been a perfect transition, she has stayed in bed and she does sleep, so the Hubs & I have deemed it a success.

Little O loves her bed. She loves her sheets, her bedfriends and her basket of books that appears once she falls asleep.

And she also really, really loves…

her Tot Clock

Let me tell you…this thing rocks.

It was created by Pamela Gonzalez out of necessity: her child was up at all hours of the night because he didn’t understand when it was time to wake up & time to sleep.

Enter the best brainchild ever: My Tot Clock.

This product was recommended to me for our transition from crib to big girl bed for Little O, and I thank my lucky stars every day that it arrived in time to make the big girl bed move with Little O.

The Tot Clock is completely customizable for your child’s sleep schedule. Take a look:

The buttons on the back enable you to program the current time, bedtime, wake time, nap duration, discipline duration and encouragement duration.

For example, in Little O’s case, we have bedtime set to 8:20 p.m. When the clock gets to 8:20, it turns dark blue & her bedtime lullabies start up. In case we want to start it earlier/later, we just push down on the dark blue button on top of the clock & it starts the bedtime setting immediately.

This has been an awesome tool for Little O. She’s interested in time right now, and the clock changing colors is an easy concept for her to understand.

~ Green is reward time {we’ll use this as she gets a little older}

~ Light blue is naptime

~ Dark blue is bedtime

~ Red is time out {we’ll also use this when she’s a little older}

When each of the settings are complete, they automatically switch back to the “normal” setting, which is yellow.

Little O knows that she can’t get out of bed until the Hubs or I come get her; however, once the clock turns yellow, she can call for us or keep reading her books.

It is working out perfectly.

Adding to the Tot Clock awesomeness?

It plays lullabies at bedtime & naptime for a half-hour before switching over to white noise. This effective quiets Little O down {not an easy task!}, and it has become a comfort thing for her. On the off chance that she wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, she always requests that I turn her music back on as she snuggles back into bed.

There is also a storytime setting for bedtime/napime. The clock comes with one story, and you can buy different stories through the My Tot Clock website. We haven’t tried this option with Little O yet, but I love that this feature is there!

Next fall, when Little O starts preschool two days a week & needs to wake up at a certain time, we’ll also be able to use her Tot Clock as an alarm. At a scheduled time, the clock will turn to yellow & start softly playing “good morning” music~ definitely a pleasant way to wake up.

And if you’d like a different faceplate {it comes standard with the nighttime scene}, you can also order that through the My Tot Clock site.

All in all? We love this clock.

I highly recommend it for anyone with a toddler, especially if you’re thinking about making that transition to a big girl/big boy bed anytime soon. The Tot Clock was a part of our transition from Day 1, and Little O has grown accustomed to using the clock to guide her awake/asleep times.

And let’s face it…a happy & rested child means a happy & rested family!

Love it!

And now, friends, I’m excited to share that you could be the lucky winner of your very own Tot Clock! White Dove Innovations, the creators of My Tot Clock, has generously offered to give away a Tot Clock to one of my readers.

Check out the Rafflecopter link below & enter to win! Best of luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=””&amp;amp;amp;gt;You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;.Counting My Kisses: I’m truly excited to tell you all about the Tot  Clock, because it has been absolutely amazing for us. We’re thrilled that Little O loves it as much as she does~ in fact, on our recent trip to visit my parents, Little O insisted that her Tot Clock come along too. It’s so great when products make life easier & happier for everyone involved~ and My Tot Clock is definitely one of those products.

{Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this review, although I was provided with a Tot Clock. All thoughts & opinions are, as always, my own!}.


121 thoughts on “Giveaway: My Tot Clock

  1. I love all the features this clock has to offer. I think the white noise, and music would make it easier for my son to help fall asleep. Plus it would also act as a nightlight for him too.

  2. This clock would make nighttime easier for me because I could use it to train my daughter right from the start, she just turned 1 so this clock would be a bit advanced for her now, but I believe its better to train them right from the start rather than trying to correct bad habits!

  3. I’m past this stage, but it would be a great gift for my niece, who isn’t quite there yet!

    nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

  4. I think this would help our daughter when she wakes during the night and thinks it must be morning and time to wake up Mommy at

  5. It would be easier so my daughter would know when she can stop reading, go to bed, and when she can get up and come in mommy and daddy’s room. Thanks!

  6. The reward time section would be the best for me … I often find it hard to keep track of how long they have been enjoying their reward time 🙂

  7. We soon will be transitioning our daughter and this sounds great, maybe it would also help with my son who has know concept of time. Great product. Thanks for the review.

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