Being second

Dear Baby H,

From one second daughter to another: I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but second is a cool place to be.

I can see it in your eyes already, at the tender age of 15 months.

You are watching Little O. Learning from her. Trying to mimic her every move. Even trying to ride her bike.Β 

In fact, your daddy & I have Little O to thank for the extremely early arrival of your Terrible Two temper tantrums. You sure know how to hit the floor in an absolute rage. Impressive and frustrating, all at the same time.

And while the temper tantrums are not quite my favorite thing that you’ve picked up from your sister, I must say, Little O has been an unwitting but amazing inspiration for you.

Your daddy & I watched with awe when you started army crawling at 6.5 months. You had things to do & places to be, and you were not content being propped up with a Boppy while Little O had free reign of the house.

You wanted in.

You made it happen.

Pretty cool, really.Β And here’s some advice from your momma and a fellow second daughter: you’ll experience shades of this your entire life.

Your sister will always be an inspiration to you. She’ll always make you want to be a better person, make you want to push yourself to your limits & soar as high as you possibly can.

The even cooler part about being the second daughter?

As you get older, the tables turn. You’ll help push Little O to be her best self~ you are starting already. As the years pass, you’ll tell her you believe in her and cheer her on with all of your heart. You’ll laugh with her and cry with her; get furious with her and then miss her so much your heart will feel like it’s missing a piece until you hear her voice again.

That is sisterhood, little one.

And being the second sister is a big responsibility. You’ll have the distinct advantage of learning from your sister’s path as she navigates it for herself, for our family. And then you’ll be able to choose your own path. Sometimes it will intertwine with your sister’s, sometimes it will take you in a new direction.

But just know that your sister is always there for you. And so are we~ cheering for you just as loudly, just as proudly. You are ours. Just because you are second in birth order doesn’t mean you are second in our hearts. Ever.

Plus you’ll totally get the benefit of your daddy & I test-driving our parenting skills on teenage Little O first. {Insider secret: this will pay off. Trust me!}.

In the meantime, we are so very proud of you, Baby H.

We love you to the moon & back.

And second daughters rock. I’m just saying.

Counting My Kisses: I’m thankful that I have an older sister AND a younger sister to learn from & to grow with each day. And let’s not forget a super fab brother as well! I also feel so blessed that I can watch the relationship between our daughters bloom into something that will last a lifetime. And just know that I will always cherish this little piece in life that we have in common, Baby H. Here’s to second daughters!

Love, Mommy



12 thoughts on “Being second

  1. Aww. What a sweet post and so very true! You will learn so much from your sister, Baby H! So cool that you can have that special bond with Little O like your Mommy and we have πŸ™‚

  2. I love this: “Your sister will always be an inspiration to you. She’ll always make you want to be a better person, make you want to push yourself to your limits & soar as high as you possibly can.”

    I have two girls, one year apart and sometimes it’s a challenge to have the little one choose something that she really wants over the “me too, me too” choice.

    I am a second child and only girl, so I have no idea what it’s like to be a second sister. I’ll be sure to tell this to my little one when she grows up.

    Thanks for sharing this Amy! πŸ™‚

    • Jayme~ yes! I feel the same way with our little girls, since they are also so close in age. I want to make sure Baby H wants to do something because SHE wants to, not because it’s what her big sis is doing too. So happy you connected with this post! πŸ™‚

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