Simply better together.

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of what my grown-up life would be like.

Married? Definitely.

Kids? Absolutely.

Career? Anything that involved writing. Creating. Laughing. Helping people. Being a part of something that is bigger than I am.

Such big, beautiful dreams.

And somehow, here I am.


Married to the greatest guy I know.

We’re partners in this journey called life, and I honestly can’t imagine my days without him.

He’s my other half, my voice of reason, my comic relief.

We’re better together. Better spouses, better friends, better parents. We’re simply better at life together. 

I’m a momma to two amazing, incredible little girls.

They are my heart & soul, a breath of fresh air.

Their sunshiney faces & giggling voices fill each day to the brim with love.

My life is a whole new shade of happy with them in it. It’s simply better. Better because we’re all together.

I’m living my writing dream through this blog.

These words that you’re reading right now? They are pouring out straight from my soul.

I’ve been inspired & encouraged by so many of you; amazed at the talent & honesty & support that comes from all corners of the world.

I’m a better writer~ a better person~ because of it. Together is better.


And the best part? Right now, at this very moment in my life, I’m a part of something bigger. Greater. More incredible than I ever could have imagined.

Making together better is my life right now. A wife, a mother, a writer.

Everything is better when it’s together


Counting My Kisses: I’m a people person. And I love that every day, I get to spend the day with my children, the night with my husband, and the in-between hours with friends & family, both online & offline. Life is pretty great when you’re together with the people you love most in the world. It’s simply better to be together.

* This post has been submitted to Brica for consideration to win a full sponsorship to the Type-A parenting conference in June 2012. Brica is a fabulous family-friendly company that is all about making together better for families. Check them out on Facebook & Twitter!



2 thoughts on “Simply better together.

  1. Love this post! I find myself taking things for granted all too easily. It is nice to sit back and realize all of the good things each of us have in our lives. Amazing husbands, great parents, adorable children (nieces for me:) ), awesome siblings, etc. Thanks for making my Thursday morning even more positive! 🙂

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