The dynamic duo

Look who was in town over the weekend…

Cousin M!!!

The girls were all so excited to be together again~ especially Baby H, who adores her same-age cousin

Now that the girls are mobile and {somewhat} verbal, Baby H & Cousin M are like two little peas in a pod. I must say, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

They splashed & swam & giggled together…

Played {endlessly} in the wagon together…

And even took snack breaks together~ in their matching swimsuits, nonetheless. 

The dynamic duo, together again.

Love, love love.

Counting My Kisses: It was such a treat to watch the little girls interact with each other. I know all three of the cousins are going to be so close growing up, but Baby H & Cousin M will share a special kind of bond, since they are only three weeks apart. We’re excited for the sleepovers and giggle sessions down the road…but for right now, we’re just marveling in their close bond at just 15 months old. So much fun!


2 thoughts on “The dynamic duo

    • Missy~ they did have such a blast, it’s such fun when they get to that stage where they WANT to play together, you know? Love! 🙂

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