Little O turns 3! {An Olivia the Pig celebration}

Even now~ days after the party~ I’m still in shock: did my baby really turn 3?!

Oh, yes she did.

And she did it in style!

Olivia, the funny, sweet & precocious six-and-three-quarters-year-old pig who shines in Ian Falconer’s book series, was the inspiration for our party theme.

She’s one of Little O’s favorite characters right now, so it was a perfect fit for the big birthday bash.

We started off with ordering Olivia the Pig invites & coordinating thank you notes from TwoTinyLoves on Etsy. Laila was super fast & easy to work with~ and I LOVED the end result!

We even ordered return address labels with a big polka dot “3” in the middle~ they looked super cute on the invites {I ordered them from the fabulous Peas & Thank You’s}.

Next up? Decorations!

I cleared our mantel to help showcase the Olivia the Pig theme. I’m super happy with how it turned out:

The Olivia the Pig banner tied into our theme & color scheme perfectly~ I ordered it from Designed by DVM & assembled it myself with the ribbons. Little O adores it~ and it’s still hanging on the mantel because she won’t let me take it down!

Black, red & white were the colors of choice, so I sprinkled it into the decorations wherever I could! I also recruited my dad & sister to create the pig noses~ they turned out beyond-words cute, no?

Laurie & I also did these easy DIY tissue paper poms, which really added a pop of color to our decorating. They were super easy, too! {I used this tutorial}.  

And then came one of my favorite touches: the Rules of Life frames. If you’ve ever watched the show, you know that Olivia occasionally pauses life to give the audience “rules of life” insights. 

The lovely Rebecca from This Nest is Best created these {check out her site, it’s amazing!}. I just bought black & white frames and volia! Instant adorableness.

And for the main focal point~ other than the birthday girl, of course~: a 5’9″ Olivia the Pig cutout, complete with bows!

I ordered this gem from Birthday Express, and she didn’t disappoint! Everyone loved taking their picture with Olivia the Pig, and we were able to snap some really cute shots of all of the kids to include in thank-you notes. Love!

Little O’s party was a dress-up theme, since both Little O AND Olivia the Pig love to play dress-up. We had a big box of dress up clothes for the kids to play with, and all of the kids also came in their favorite make-believe costume {Little O was Olivia the Pig, of course}.

It was so so SO cute! After all, who doesn’t love playing dress-up?!

It’s almost as much fun as…


As soon as the party started, Little O started jumping up & down and asking, “can we have cake NOW, Mommy & Daddy?!” She was VERY excited about her cake…and rightly so, it was both delicious & darling! Once everyone was finished with lunch, it was the moment Little O had been waiting for:

So much fun!

Going in line with the dress-up theme, the gift bags were full of fun dress-up things: wands & tiaras for the girls, animal masks & swords for the boys. Everyone got an Olivia the Pig book {we ordered 3 different titles}, sidewalk chalk & an Olivia the Pig tattoo. 

But more important than the decorations, the cake or the presents…

the Birthday Girl had a fabulous time.

She was happy, giggly & absolutely thrilled to be celebrating her big day with friends & family. 

As for the Hubs & I?

We couldn’t be prouder of our sweet girl. It’s amazing how our hearts just keep growing in love & amazement of our eldest daughter!

Happy, happy birthday Little O! We love you!

Counting My Kisses: I’m always going to remember this birthday for Little O~ it was the first birthday that she really got it~ and that she absolutely loved every second of it. It also was the first birthday that I started willing time to slow down. How can our sweet baby girl be 3 already?! Little O adds such sparkle to our lives, we feel so blessed to be her parents. Here’s to another fun & adventurous year, big girl!


20 thoughts on “Little O turns 3! {An Olivia the Pig celebration}

  1. Thanks for hosting such a fantastic party! It was so much fun for kids and adults! So happy to be able to share in Little O’s 3rd birthday! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for throwing such an amazing party!! I really enjoyed it and im sure the little ones and O did too!! :)Great job

    • Erin~ aww you are the sweetest, thanks so much! I’m enjoying your blog as well, so happy you stopped by! Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

    • Alison~ aww thank you! It turned out super cute, I’m thrilled that it went so well & thrilled that it’s over. 🙂

    • OneMommy~ yes! They grow up SO fast, I really can’t believe Little O is 3 already! Thanks so much for stopping by, hope all is going great with you guys so far this summer. 🙂

    • Dramaqueensmum~ yes Olivia the Pig is king {queen?} right now at our house! It was really fun to throw an Olivia-themed party. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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