Every week {listable life}

Happy Listable Life day, friends!

Today’s topic is a fun one. Let’s get started, shall we?

5 Things I Do Every Week

1. I walk out of the house unknowingly wearing a tiara.

Wait, this doesn’t happen to you?

We can blame it on Little O’s current obsession with Rapunzel. We have lots of tiaras floating around the house, and at any given time, you can catch either the Hubs or I going about our daily life with a tiara on our heads, as instructed {demanded?} by our 3-year-old.

I may or may not have taken the dog out last night, waved to neighbors, watered my hanging baskets and then realized once I got back inside~ when Little O complimented me on how pretty I looked~ that of course I was still wearing a tiara.


2. I go to my Happy Place

That would be Target, friends.


I love it there.

I think I even have the girls drinking the Target kool-aid these days, which is so super fab, because they seem to be pretty down with our weekly trips. They hop into the jumbo cart that is next-to-impossible to navigate down the aisles, snack on a box of raisins and take turns “holding” {i.e. eating, crumpling, dropping} the list.

Naturally, Baby H likes to dump her raisins into an aisle at some point during our shopping extravaganza, and Little O insists on either holding everything I try to put in the cart or making me explain what that item is/what we’re going to do with it/etc…. but it’s a small price to pay for 45 minutes in my favorite store.

You take what you can get, right?

3. I go to the park

Lately, our Target trips have been followed by a picnic/playdate at the park. Call it bribery or enticement or rewarding or whatever you’d like…all I know is that I’m happy because we made a Target run, and the girls are thrilled because they ADORE going to the park.


And did I mention the park is super fun & it wears them out? There’s nothing not to love about that equation, friends. We’re home in time for an episode of Olivia the Pig and killer I’ve-played-hard-so-now-I’m-exhausted naps for everyone.


4. Take a walk

I have this crazy little theory that my kids fall asleep faster on the nights we take stroller walks as a family. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the Hubs agrees that the strange-but-true trend is there.

The fresh air? A chance to reflect on the day? Family I-Spy-Around-The-Neighborhood time? Whatever the reason, the end result is awesome. We try to walk every night that our schedule/the weather allows, and I love it.

Some days, our 2-mile neighborhood walk is my sanity break. It’s a chance for the Hubs & I to really talk, a chance to give fluffy Lilly some exercise and a chance for us to work on new words with Baby H & memorizing our address with Little O.

In short? Good times had by all. And good little sleepers at night too.

5. Reading

In addition to my daily reading ritual with the girls {we read a LOT of books}, I’ve started a new goal of my own: trying to read a REAL book three times a week, either during naptime or when I’m heading to bed.

Thanks to the fab SITS Girls Summer Book Club, I’m just starting The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern {Have you read it? I’m two chapters in, so far so good!}. The Summer Book Club was the push I needed to remind me that 1. I adore reading books other than the Berenstain Bears and 2. My brain needs this. And I need it.

It’s good for my soul to be wrapped up in a book, and I’m excited to cross some fun summer reads off my list!


This list is just a tiny glimpse into the things I do every single day as well~ lots of hugs and kisses, giggles, laundry, tiara-adjusting, face-cleaning {or hosing down, in Baby H’s case}, cooking, dancing and everything in between.

What’s on your list?

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Counting My Kisses: As per usual, I’m linking this post up with Nicole from Moments that Define Life. I had to laugh when I was writing this~ it’s so funny {and slightly alarming} to write out this part of my life in listable format. Obviously my weekly trip to Target is a major highlight! Lol. I feel so lucky to have things I enjoy on this list~ what would be on yours? Share in the comment section & have a GREAT day!


10 thoughts on “Every week {listable life}

  1. I am still cracking up about the wearing the tiara thing while watering the plants, waving to neighbors, etc. I can totally see that happening :)I love the picture of Baby H trying to climb UP the slide at the park – just shows her independent adventurous side! 🙂 Keep living life to the fullest! 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole! And yes, you are right, such is life with girls. 🙂 Small price to pay for their sweet kisses & snuggles, I suppose! Thanks for another great topic, I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts this weekend. 🙂

  2. Another great book: Fifty Shades. The hubs will be happy you’ve joined the rest of the world and read it ;-)! And, hilariously, we were all reading it in Vegas. (PS. You were missed!) Anyway, don’t forget your weekly trips for ice ceam! And I love the fact that you go outside with a tiarra! Mark laughed at me when we went to your happy place (Target) the other day and I had spit-up all over my pants. Why change when its inevitably going to happen again! =)

    • Erin~ Ooh I read the 50 Shades trilogy a few months ago when I was on my last reading kick {I couldn’t put it down lol!}, you’ll have to let me know what you think when you finish! Too funny that everyone was reading it in Vegas. 🙂 We REALLY wish we could have been there, especially since Hubs worked ALL weekend. Sounds like it was a blast! And hopefully an annual thing so we can join in next year. 🙂

      And you are right~ I can’t believe I forgot to mention our weekly {or multiple times a week?!} trips out for ice cream! 🙂 Lol!

    • Alison: not to my knowledge. LOL! I *think* so far the unknowing tiara-wearing has been limited to my house & yard. At least I sure hope so. 🙂

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