Giggling with Baby H

The other day, Baby H woke up from her morning nap around noon, as per usual. I walked into her room, sang “good morning again!” and opened her curtains.

And found that I had the smiliest, giggliest baby in town.

Naturally, I ran downstairs for my camera to document the adorableness.

Peek-a-boo! I see you, Baby H!

And I also see you biting your crib rail {again!}.

Who loves to play with her toes?

I’m ready for a hug!

I just love our little girl…and her sweet Baby H giggles! So much fun.

Counting My Kisses: I’m so happy I was able to capture Baby H’s giggly mood through pictures. She’s such a happy girl~ that’s why we call her our Happy Baby H! I hope her giggles made you giggle a little bit too. Have a great day!

PS~ And if you’re in the mood to keep smiling, check out my holiday cheer post~ it make me smile every time!


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